Photos: Red Carpet Denver Film Festival Part 3

Another amazing Red Carpet premiere with many walking down tonight. Director Sherwin Shilate and producer/actor Kaily Smith Westbrook of the movie “People You May Know”, a story about how much social media affects our lives. When isolated Jed connects with PR maven Tasha, she transforms his ho-hum life into one of an online celebrity. Which brings the poignant question ‘If it’s not captured on social media, did it really even happen?’ In our current world, the interwebs have been both a blessing and a curse. Could be a big reason why things can get confusing in our own personal lives. Jed realizes he has to decide where his true identity lies. Can he be part of this modern world while still staying his true self?

Sherwin Shilate and producer/actor Kaily Smith Westbrook

Another attraction of tonight’s Red Carpet was for a movie titled “Vigilante”, a forceful tribute to a community self-defense. This documentary tells the remarkable story of Guardian Angels, founder Curtis Sliwa who gives a visual recant of what it was like living life in the crime-ridden city of New York during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Curtis Sliwa

This movie touches on everything from the crack epidemic to his defense of infamous subway gunman Bernard Goetz. A very moving and powerful film that I would suggest you to see. Produced and directed by David Wexler, this movie is an insight into a world we could never dream of.


Final walk of the Red Carpet tonight was for the movie “Walden: Life in the Woods”. Actors Chris Sullivan from the Netflix hit “Stranger Things” and Demián Bichir of “The Hateful Eight” and “Machete Kills”.  Directed by Alex Harvey, this film is centralized and shot on location here in Colorado. Based off a radical western re-imagining of Thoreau’s eponymous classic that interlaces three narratives that take place over the course of 24hrs. Forcing you to consider the trappings of modern life and the unlikely heroes who dream of escaping. Another great one to check out!

Chris Sullivan

Demián Bichir

The next movie I chose to see was “Sollers Point” which stars Jim Belushi as a retired steelworker who has little patience with his unemployed son Keith.  This gritty drama follows a smalltime drug dealer from the confines of house arrest and back onto the streets of Baltimore. After the death of his mother, Keith tries to make a new start, though he finds the pull of the streets to be too much and the anger and frustration begin to build. Growing increasingly angry at the fact that he is trying so hard to succeed in his depressed, crime ridden neighborhood. The movie ends with him angry and clearly at his end, walking away when the screen goes black. This movie was a very interesting and involved plot that brings life to a world you may have never seen before. The only real downside was the abrupt ending to the movie, as a viewer I have no idea what happened or where he ended up, only my own speculation of what took place. Not sure if this was the intention of the movie, but that is the feeling I was left with.  With such intensity in the movie plot and script, I would recommend this one to all.

The Denver Film Festival goes until November 12, 2017. Click on the link below to check out the full calendar and lineup so you can put your personal schedule together. Get ready to enjoy the show!

Denver Film Festival Film Schedule

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography

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