The Hollow Video Release Pajama Party



An intimate evening in the green room of the Syntax Opera House started the night off. Open to the VIP who purchased their tickets in advance, they walked into a beautifully decorated space complete with church pews for them to sit on. With white Christmas lights wrapped around the linen drapes, the ambiance was a perfect intro for the rest of the evening.

Spencer and Jonathan played a full acoustic set of course bantering to the crowd and performing a new song reworked by the boys themselves! You may have heard this song in its original version by 21 Pilots however tonight the words are changed just slightly in the lyrics to read “All my friends are Ethan’s, take it slow”, the people in attendance rolled. For anyone who hasn’t heard of these guys yet, Ethan happens to be the bass player which only added to the fun of the song.

After the completion of the set, Everyone ventured upstairs for the beginning of the show. Tonight three bands will perform and The Hollow will release their latest and most anticipated music video titled “Sleep Talkin’”.  For the occasion, the theme of the evening was a pajama party. Most of the attendees chose to wear their cutest onesies to lounge around in while listening to the amazing music of the evening.

Silver and Gold opening the night, based in Greeley, the group performed a solid set with many of the people loving every moment of it.

Second to hit the stage was Post Paradise coming all the way out from Ft. Collins. This group rocked the set providing the perfect blend for the evening. With their melodic blends and added Cello to the ensemble, I would say they bring a entire new style to Indie rock. 

The Hollow steps out and you could feel the excitement begin to build. They immediately fall into a fan favorite of “Pure Imagination”. In their signature way, Angela sits at the harp, Amy played the cello while Spencer, Jonathan and Ethan sang a three part harmony. About four songs in; Nick, of Post Paradise joined Spencer, Jonathan and Ethan on stage to perform “An Open Letter to Kim K”. Mixing their set up with new and old music to keep the crowd on the tip of their toes, dancing the night away.

The next to last song was the premiere of The Hollow’s new music video “Sleep Talkin’” but instead of presenting the video on the screen behind them, They actually performed the song live while the video played silently in the background. An amazing sight to witness, the sounds melting away in your ears, so smooth yet powerful as well. 


Upon completion of their set, a few people were chosen from the crowd to participate in an old- fashioned pillow fight!  Since this is a pajama party after all, I would have expected nothing less, which provided the perfect cap to end the night.

Once again, The Hollow brought a most excellent show with so many dynamics I feel like many can appreciate their sound. If you would like to check out their latest video, or where they may be playing in the future, click on the link below to find out more!

The Hollow Website

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography