Havoc of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls


Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing one tough chick. She goes by the name, Havoc, she is a single mom of three, lead jammer for the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, and has been a Roller Derby girl for five years now.

Below is the quick Q&A session we had with her.

XPOSER MAGAZINE: What made you want to be in roller derby?

HAVOC: I have been an athlete all my life, 12 years of gymnastics and speed skating. So when I heard about tryouts for the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, I had no idea that I would fall in love with this sport, and here I am five years later, skating for the A team (5280 Fight Club) with an amazing league of strong, athletic women from all walks of life, training together ten hours a week.

XPOSER MAGAZINE: Do you have a skater that you look up to?

HAVOC: Roller derby is the fastest growing female sport in the world with over 2,000 leagues worldwide. There are so many strong athletic skaters that I look up to, but to list a few, Bonnie thunders, Miracle Whip, and Loren munch. These ladies are some of the best skaters in the world and I definitely watch them closely to see how I can improve my skill level.

XPOSER MAGAZINE: Besides Roller Derby, What are some other activities that you are interested in?

HAVOC: I also train Catch Wrestling with Scientific Wrestling, my coach and founder of Scientific Wrestling. Jake Shannon has been coaching and training Catch Wrestling for over 20 years. Catch Wrestling (aka catch-as-catch-can wrestling) is a form of martial arts, distinctly Western style of grappling where a winner is determined by pin OR submission. No points, no politics, and most matches are held for the best two of three.

XPOSER MAGAZINE: What is your favorite things to do in your spare time?

HAVOC: Spending time with my family, I am a huge nerd so we play board games. I also play Dungeons and Dragons and on any day of the week you will find me lounging reading a book.

XPOSER MAGAZINE: What is your Derby name?

HAVOC: Havoc 147, her league number, she came up with that number by combining the birth months of her three children.

If you have never seen Roller Derby, you must check it out!

If you would like to know more about Havoc or the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, you can follower her on Instagram or go to the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls website.

Link to Instagram

Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Website

Scientific Wrestling Website

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography

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