Denver welcomes Disney on Ice Frozen

Last night, Denver welcomed a Disney on Ice presentation of the movie Frozen. Unlike any other presentation I have seen, this one centers solely on the movie Frozen itself. Dazzling ice skating, special effects and unforgettable music, magically transports you to wintry Arendelle. From the very beginning, we were pulled into the story line with the characters dancing around on the ice as if they were frolicking in a meadow. After the opening scene, Anna runs down the stairs (yes I said run) in her skates to take the ice. So effortlessly she glides, performing spins and maneuvers, captivating the audience before her. Being so close to the action really makes you appreciate just how much goes into making their costumes. Not only are they gorgeous, but the smallest details are attended to and most of the beads are hand sewn into place. I could only imagine just how many hours were put into some of the costumes the performers were wearing. The coordination it takes to bring the story to life is phenomenal! As they skate around the rink, you can feel the excitement in the air as the kids dance and sing along all around me. My own little guy ran closer to the stage to sing and dance alongside his favorite stars. I must admit, I was even dancing a little in my chair, fully pulled in by the story and the action in front of me. Just before intermission came, Elsa performed her infamous song “Let it Go” and just about every kid in the arena sang along with her. I even got goosebumps hearing all the little voices singing word for word as if they too were part of the movie scene.

After a brief intermission, the cast took to the ice again. Finishing out the rest of the story, Olaf came out to greet Elsa with Anna where they convinced Elsa she did not need to be so cold anymore…. In addition, of course holding true to any good Disney movie, all is well in the end and they all lived happily ever after! Overall, I was very impressed with the talent that took the stage. It was a great night had with family and friends along with amazing memories created for my little one. Between the talent, the music and the beautiful costuming, I would highly recommend you take your family out to see this one before they leave town. Disney on Ice presents: Frozen will be showing at the Denver Coliseum through this Sunday so you still have some time to get yourself some tickets and send me a thank you card in the mail! This will be another epic adventure that you do not want to miss. Catch Disney on Ice this weekend by clicking here to get your tickets before they are gone!

Thanks again for the read and stay tuned for all the action coming your way soon!

Till next time.