(PHOTOS) The Scissor Sweethearts Eleganza Freak-Stravaganza 2

This past Sunday night, a very appropriate Easter Fool’s Day, Vision Comics & Oddities hosted the Eleganza Freak-Stravaganza 2, which was an eclectic mix of fashion, art, comedy and a circus worthy sideshow act. The Scissor Sweethearts began the night welcoming the crowd with their own witty ways of humor. After pausing for a brief moment of silence, Serana dedicated the show to the passing of the Eldritch twins who were set to perform this evening, however sadly they both passed away the Friday night prior.

After a beautiful clarinet solo from Serena Rose, the show quickly lead into her eating fire on stage. Prancing down the catwalk, Serana palms the fire and then extinguishes it with one swift movement towards her mouth. With a coy smile, she saunters back up the runway, taking the stage next to her co-star Siara. Siara then picks up her sparkly hammer along with a rather sharp looking roofing nail and while Serana jokes with the audience, Siara begins to drive the nail into her right nostril until it’s flush with her nasal opening. You can hear each time that she carefully taps it in, only to pull it back out at the end; making note to the crowd that she may have just found a little bit of her “brain” on the end ….


They break away from stage and out comes the Born Ugli Fashion Show #1. One of kind creations by Serena Rose walked one by one for all to see. Much diversity and style along with individualized personality. I enjoyed many of her pieces and even picked up a pair of bloomers for myself! This set would be a mix of casual to glam or even just relaxing at home. One dress looked as though it could have been a prom dress yet tailored to create a more punk princess feel. Another more lounging pant set looked super comfy yet sheer, similar to how a nightgown would be made. For her Born Ugli Fashion Show #3 (because number 2 just sounded bad) Serana showcased their Scissor Sweetheart’s Collection and a few more high fashion pieces I would say. All beautiful in each their own way.

A very random weather report read to us by no other than Andrew Novick, best known for his eclectic collections of famous artifacts, tonight he would be helping us out with the weather in his own comedic sort of way. Andrew recently showcased a film during the Denver Film Festival about one of his more infamous collectible pieces, Jon Benet’s tricycle. You can appreciate and enjoy his candor on stage as he delivers the weather report for the day Jesus rose from the grave… believable only if you believe in Jesus himself lol.

Breaking up the night with a bit of improv comedy, I ended up getting pulled on stage during a skit based on how and why God created Easter… and just why bunnies were associated with Easter Sunday. Boy let me tell you, that got carried away rather quickly, in a most amusing way. Further, on in the evening, there was action everywhere you went. Outside were belly-dancing fire breathing acts while inside strange acts were on stage or interesting art was everywhere to be found. One of the vendor’s there this evening was called Bloodlust Productions which consists of a team of special fx artists whom custom craft items such as clothing, costumes, masks, props, furniture, apparel and more! Very unusual but terrifyingly interesting creations. Truly each is one of a kind creation, specially molded just for the purchaser.  In case you want to check out some of their stuff (which you totally should) click here and be redirected to their Facebook page.

Closing out the night, The Scissor Sweethearts performed a few last tricks for the crowd that lingered with Siara Rose, walking up the ladder of scissors with her bare feet after Serana chops a cucumber on each of the sharp blades. As they close out their set, the girls gave thanks to all those involved with making this night such an awesome event. I personally had a great time, to see things you do not always get to see is part of the excitement of life. It was pretty rad to have this event in the basement of a comic book store. I found quite a few things to purchase upon walking upstairs and inside Vision Comics & Oddities. A sweet selection of collectibles and a HUGE collection of comic books, you could spend days looking for all the things you need… and probably walk out with a few you didn’t!

Fun times were had by all at this fun event. Hope to see you all out at the next one and make sure to support your local talent here in the Denver scene!

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography