Mrs. Colorado America Pageant Crowning 2018

It was a night one girl will not forget, Lauren Cisneros Campbell was crowned Mrs. Colorado 2018 by Valerie Daly; the reigning Mrs. Colorado 2017. Tonight’s pageant was a first combining both the title of Mrs. Colorado and the title Mrs. Wyoming, all in one night on the same stage. Several lovely women from Wyoming competed for their crown while a good number of beautiful locals tossed their hat in for the prize. Whomever wins tonight shall proceed to the Mrs. America pageant held in Las Vegas later this year. Up first was the swimsuit competition, three finalists progressed from Wyoming and thirteen finalists were chosen from Colorado. The next portion of the evening was dedicated to questions. You could see that some of the women were possibly a bit nervous with their responses where others were very well poised with their language.

A final walk from the reigning Mrs. Colorado and Mrs. Wyoming, alongside their bittersweet last words as queens playing over the intercoms above, brought tears to most people’s eyes; including Mrs. Valerie Daly herself.

The final and one of my personal favs of the evening was the evening gown competition. I must say, some of the dresses were to die for! So sparkly from the stage providing the perfect amount of glamour for the evening. Rachel Asbridge, the reigning Mrs. Wyoming said it best when she stated how nice it was to have a full day dedicated to feeling like a princess, focusing on you and feeling beautiful. You can clearly see the confidence exuding from the stage. Each one glides as if on cloud 9, living in the moment, on top of the world.

The sweetness, passion, determination and friendships made along the way are what this competition is all about. Utilizing your pull in the community to help make a difference in whatever way you can. Showing support and compassion to help others grow around you. It is much more than a pretty face, it is about changing the world, one step at a time.

Congratulations to this year’s queens Mrs. Lauren Cisneros Campbell of Denver, our new Mrs. Colorado 2018

and Mrs. Sarah McArthur, the newest Mrs. Wyoming 2018.

May you make the difference you desire and gain the most out of each day that you reign queen.

Till next year all!



Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography

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