Villain Arts 1st Annual Tattoo Arts Convention

For the first time ever, Villain Arts brings their Tattoo Arts Convention to Denver, Co. Held at the Convention Center downtown; the center provided ample room to accommodate all of the people that turned out for the event. From young to old, virgin skin to the most inked up, there was a broad range of diversity amongst the crowd.  All of them eager to meet or get tattooed by their favorite artist! There was one couple I met that got tattooed multiple times while at the event. The girl got three while her mate received his first tattoo followed by another addition.  Quickly setting the pace for future pieces to come.

In case you’re wondering, “What exactly is a tattoo convention?” Tattoo conventions allow artists from all over the country to get together in one place which allows people to then get tattooed by an artist they may have never had the chance to get tattooed by. The events will usually showcase many talented artists from television stars to your local amazing talent.

This year’s lineup included Emily Elegado &  Kyle Dunbar from Ink Master and Alli Baker from Best Ink. One interesting booth was from a Tattoo Artist by the name of Sean Ozz. Located in Silverthorne, his shop ‘Skinned Ink’ also showcases tattooable ‘flesh’ which is a proprietary mix of silicone and epoxy made to look as though the flesh was just ripped from your skin. This aspect of simulating real flesh is to allow artists the capability of not only creating one of a kind additions to their shop, but to also allow them the ability to try out new styles of artwork before attempting them on an actual client. Sean will be opening his shop in Silverthorne by November and will showcase many of the complete designs, as well as blank canvases for purchase.  If you aren’t able to make it out to Silverthorne, you are able to order them online at the link listed below!

Skinned Ink Website

Aside from tattoos, another main attraction were the freak show acts that performed. The Enigma is known across the world for his sideshow routine but is most recognized for the puzzle piece tattoos that cover his skin. Enigma holds the world record for the most jigsaw pieces tattooed on his body. With 2,123 pieces recorded back in 2011, he has spent many years getting them all filled in with his signature blue color. Having been one of the founding members of the original Jim Rose Circus, you could say that he has his sideshow act perfected to please!

Another performer on the bill was Marlo Marquise who performed her infamous burlesque act, which included human pincushion components while shaking that world famous derriere.

Most of the time if you see the Enigma, then you will also have a chance to see the fabulous Serana Rose. At first, she began performing alongside of the Enigma however blossomed quickly and began to perform her own original act. Serana isn’t just a pretty face, she is also the co-creator of the “ladder of scissors” and the chainsaw “kiss of death” sideshow stunts. She happens to be one of the few female sword swallowers in history. In case you missed her performance, you can check her out with her other half of the “Scissor Sweethearts” when they perform at the upcoming Eleganza Freak-stravaganza next weekend. Find out more by clicking the link below.

Serana Rose Appearances

One of the most captivating shows were the Human Suspension acts. These aerial artists pierced their flesh to hang from a rigging located in the rafters of the ceiling. Most of them easily getting 30 feet into the air, they soared above the crowd who watched with excited anticipation. Swinging back and forth like a pendulum, the girls spun while dancing to their choice of music.

Long story short, Villain Arts hit it out of the ballpark for their first time coming to Denver. Even with heavy competition from other events happening this same weekend, they were still able to draw a hefty crowd. I personally can’t wait till next year to see what more they could possibly bring to the table. This year’s was so amazing, three days of absolute fun, surrounded by amazing artwork.

Thanks again everyone for the read and special thanks to Villain Arts for giving us the opportunity to showcase this awesome event. Make sure to subscribe to our page so you do not miss out on any fun that is happening here in the Denver Scene. 

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8th Annual Milwaukee: September 15th-17th

4th Annual Tampa: October 6th-8th

1st Annual Miami: November 10th-12th

9th Annual Minneapolis: January 5th-7th 2018

3rd Annual Cleveland: January 19th-21st 2018

20th Annual Philadelphia February 9th-11th 2018

For more date check out the website

Photos by Teddy G