Championship Ranch Rodeo / Jeffco County Fair Ranch Rodeo

The Championship Ranch Rodeo is not like your typical Rodeo. Jeffco County Fair also showcases a Ranch Rodeo. You may ask, “well what exactly makes it different?” Most Rodeo’s are professional riders, a Ranch Rodeo is a non-professional competition between working cowboys that is increasingly becoming popular in the country world. Friends and family come out to show their support for their loved ones that are competing and of course, to have a good time! They rope, ride, tie and load cattle as well as milking the cow contests. It is not only challenging, it happens to be very entertaining and I never thought I would enjoy an event like this. The Ranch Rodeo is less standardized than Pro Rodeo and the method of these competitions can vary greatly. Having a very different format than Pro Rodeo, I encourage others to go check this out. Even if you decide not to compete, you will have a great time watching the unpredictable chaos that ensues.

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Photos by Melissa Polk

Championship Ranch Rodeo


Jeffco County Fair Ranch Rodeo

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