Ned LeDoux

Playing to a full crowd, Ned LeDoux enters onto the stage. A perfect setting being that he was at the Rodeo one would say. Choosing to open with ‘Never Change’, it was immediately welcomed by the crowd who began to sway along with the words. Playing all of his hits, from ‘Forever a Cowboy’ to ‘Brother Highway’, the attendees were on cloud 9 that evening listening to all their favorite songs. What they did not anticipate was getting a little taste of what they could hear on his new album that will be coming out this November. Sang first earlier that morning as he did a guest spot on a local radio show, he now sang it to the crowd, ‘Some People Do’ was well received and the crowd cheered with approval! 

Although Ned is an upcoming “rising star”, he is no stranger to the music life. His father, Chris LeDoux, had paved the way for him years ago. You could say he learned a lot in his youth, being surrounded by such amazing talent at such a young age. Ned’s voice is almost an exact replica of his father’s, established a connection with the crowd immediately, his lyrics reminding everyone of the more “simpler” times.

His audience was very diverse, from young to old, all rallying to get closer to the stage. Ned would kneel down to high-five his youngest fans whom were all too excited to be acknowledged by the singer. After the show, Ned lingered around, speaking with his fans, taking photos and signing whatever they could manage to find. From hats, to boots, to cell phone cases, the sky was the limit when it came to his fans. This young entertainer always gives his fullest at any show, from beginning to end, he does it all with a smile on his face. Which of course his fans love, those dimples are hard to miss.

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Photos by Melissa Polk

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