The Denver Film Festival

Since 1978, The Denver Film Festival has been bringing amazing independent films annually to promote film as both an art form and civic forum. 

Opening night proved to be a success with many people attending the red carpet event. The presentation for the evening was a movie titled “Knives Out”. Admittedly, I was very excited to see this film. I have heard about it for months leading into this opening night and it did not disappoint!! The basic plot is similar to the game of clue, it’s a murder mystery with everyone being a suspect but the clever way Director Rian Johnson displayed the plot was the perfect icing on the cake. The story left you guessing the whole movie. I loved it!

Another more dark and interesting story was a film titled “Nightcrawlers”. In 2011, shortly after the death of his father, high-school student Stephen McCoy set out to make a documentary about the homeless population in downtown Boston, dubbing the outcasts and junkies whose lives he captured with his camcorder “nightcrawlers.” Little did the budding filmmaker know that, a few years later, he’d be one of them.

This story was powerful on many levels, to watch someone fall down the rabbit hole and into an addiction without the capability of pulling out of it was rough. I must warn you the film does get a bit graphic in nature due to its raw format but this viewpoint does make for one incredible watch. 

Among the films there were many other sights to see with virtual reality and immersive experiences along with interactive conversation panels. I was able to sit in on one with Jenny Weinbloom of Meow Wolf. Jenny has served as a producer, show writer and creative director on a number of projects and is currently the Executive Producer for Meow Wolf and its flagship exhibition opening up in Denver in 2021. No current release date has been set other than that however what she said about the exhibit makes me even more excited to see what’s to come! Amazing to think of all Jenny has accomplished between all of her endeavors

Closing day of the 42nd annual Denver Film Festival ended with a red carpet matinee of “The Two Popes”. This film was directed by Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles and stars both Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Price, The main focus of this film is the transfer of power between the two popes, Pope Benedict and Pope ‘Francis. Growing up as a catholic, I do remember when this transition took place and to see the backside of the story that I never knew was a very moving piece. 

The nighttime closing film was “Marriage Story”, this film follows a husband and wife as they go through the ups and downs that a relationship can be and in this case eventually and unfortunately ends in divorce. This comedic drama unfolds with actors Adam Driver and Scarlet Johansson playing the husband and wife duo. The movie cascades as Nicole (Scarlet Johansson) decides she no longer wants to live in her husband’s shadow and truly what that choice ultimately means for her family and her future. 

Overall, this year’s film festival was yet another complete success. Many people turned out and the movies were all so good, it’s nearly impossible to see every movie possible but you can manage to catch quite a few if you plan your time accordingly. 

The Denver Film Festival usually falls at the end of October to the early part of November so keep an eye out for next year’s schedule in case you missed out on any this year’s lineup and as always stay tuned to Xposer Magazine…. Where  you go to be scene!