RMCAD Summer 2019 Fashion Show

Led by fashion Design Chair, Darlene C. Ritz, the 2019 Graduate Fashion Show features the next generation of designers who will be showing you their best work yet. The 2019 theme, Voices, represents the individuality of each designer’s collection. Below are the designers who will be putting their work on display:

In order of appearance
Katleen Yuskewich
Anna Vo
Haley Long
TJ Howell
Irene Skupsky
Candace Feren

Students in the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design Fashion Design program learn the fundamental skills necessary to a professional fashion designer in their lower division courses. These courses focus on garment construction, trend forecasting, concept development, and communication through sketching and presentation. In their upper division courses, students are encouraged to apply these foundation skills to individual aesthetics and interests. Through this process each designer speaks with their own artistic voice.  

Darlene C. Ritz, EdD | Chair of Fashion Design

Models provided by Donna Baldwin and Goldie Mae Productions
HMUA by Goldie Mae Productions, Stacey James Institute and Catherine Correa
📷 Teddy G