Snowboard on the Block hit Sculpture Park this past Saturday


Snowboard on the Block hit Sculpture Park this past Saturday with doors opening at 1pm. The crowd started to come closer to the stage as the second film premiered. Arbor “Cosa Nostra” had everyone glued to the screen. The film includes Mike Liddle whom Arbor Snowboards says are the most talented and humble rail riders to come around in quite some time. From what I saw, I could definitely vouch for the talented aspect but I will let you decide for yourself.

CLICK HERE if you would like to see his full clip from “Cosa Nostra”.

The temperature was nice during the day, but as the evening approached and the wind picked up, many of the attendees were left shivering, due to lack of proper outerwear. All that have lived in Colorado long enough would know that at this time of year, the weather can be very unpredictable. Next up was the Transworld Snowboarding film “Arcadia”. Snowboarding films from Transworld are always highly anticipated. The crows drew in closer and were much bigger than they had just been before. This being their seventh full-length film, “Arcadia” follows snowboarders and their perpetual pursuit of paradise. Featuring a few well-known snowboarders such as Halldor Helgason, The Manboys and Jesse Paul.

If you would like to check out the full-length movie, CLICK HERE and follow the links to download on all major streaming platforms.

Murder City Devils

Around 6 o’clock, Murder City Devils came out to greet the crowd. By this time it was getting chilly but there were more people than earlier so with everyone close to the stage, it kept you just a tad bit warmer. Murder City Devils have been around for 20 years and Spencer Moody has been the front man through it all. With his unique style and ability to work the crowd, their shows are always some of the best times. The group had a bit of hiatus from 2001-2006 which only made their fans appreciate them more when they came back around. Formed in Seattle, you can hear the grungy garage punk style that they are known for. Tonight was no different from any other time I had seen them perform. When Spencer starts to feel the crowd, he begins to sing his own, new lyrics to whatever song he may be singing at the time. I think it is absolutely great and felt the crowd enjoyed it as well.

Having two more films to show before The Vandals play, Absinthe Films submitted “Turbo Dojo” which happened to be perfect to show right after the Murder City Devils played. Many were given the opportunity to sit and have a drink while watching an amazing film. After ‘Turbo Dojo” was Snowboarding Magazine’s movie “Pepper”. Spotlighting riders like Bode Merrill, Chris Grenier and Mikey Rencz, this film provides a unique look at shovels, sleds, sends and stomps. Enough to make you want to become more of the action than just a bystander.

The Vandals

Wrapping up the evening was The Vandals. Born in 1980 in Huntington Beach, California, The Vandals are well-known in the So-Cal punk scene for bringing it hard and heavy when they take the stage. Between the commanding vocals of Dave Quackenbush and the banging bassline of Joe Escalante, this crowd was on fire and the pit was setting off to each and every song.

The only complaint I heard from attendees was that they missed having the rail jam and wished there had been a larger selection of discounted snowboard gear like there has been in the past. Over all, we were able to see two kick ass bands and watched a few rad snowboarding videos in the process. I would have to recommend you do the same the next time Snowboard on the Block comes to town!

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography