Alison Krauss at Red Rocks


Red Rocks is one of the premier venues to perform at and it has show cased countless numbers of talent throughout the years. On this night, it was time for David Gray and Alison Krauss to take the stage. A chilly evening, most of the attendees arrived in winter gear with their blankets on. All staying warm for the night of music ahead.

David Gray was the opener for the evening. Gray’s first album ‘A Century Ends’ was released in 1993. After touring with Radiohead and Dave Matthews Band and a few years later, he released his fourth album ‘White Ladder’ on his own label in 1998.  ‘White Ladder’ received worldwide attention and was the first of three UK chart toppers in 6 years for Gray.  Tonight as he plays Red Rocks, you can see just how much of a following he has generated over the years. You could tell David was starting to feel the music himself, as his dancing reminded some of a mini Joe Cocker, the way he sort of jerks when he sings. Performing many of his hits, two being  ‘Babylon’ and ‘Sail Away’ which were crowd favorites as well, you could even hear them chiming in word for word.

By the time Alison Krauss took the stage, the temperature had dropped just a bit more and she came out in a full winter coat, with a scarf matching the audience completely. Forgetting she was wearing a scarf, Alison took the fiddle in hand and began to play. After a failed attempt, Suzanne Cox stepped over and helped her to get untangled from the scarf. That was a bit of a funny moment for the evening. Two of the Cox family were there, Sidney and Suzanne. The Cox’s are a singing family that she met just getting started in the business and have been a constant support ever since. After over 20 years in music, her voice is still as smooth and clear as ever. As of 2016, she was won 27 Grammy Awards out of 42 nominations. Only someone with a lot of talent can claim that. Tonight she played a full set of some of her best music.  Early on, when she entered the stage and the song that tied up her fiddle into her scarf, was ‘River in the Rain’ followed by her big hits ‘Forget About It’ and ‘Baby’. Closing out the night with ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ I feel like everyone in attendance that night was singing along.

With such great music in such a great venue, I feel like Red Rocks in one of the premier venues to perform in. Lucky for them, they smashed the night and all who showed was on top of the world to see them there.

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Photos by Melissa Polk


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