Art Hearts Fashion Spring 2017


Art Hearts Fashion is a leading platform for designers and artists to showcase their collections in a contemporary fashion week setting. Their events have been held coast to coast as a national platform for designers to showcase in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and beyond. Founded in 2011 by philanthropist and designer Erik Rosete, AHF has grown to become a top platform in the art & fashion community.

Arts Hearts Fashion Week is the prime opportunity for designers to get their collections showcased in a well-attended and reputable runway production.  The Arts Hearts fashion shows coincide with industry fashion weeks in major US Cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Not all designers are quite ready for Paris and Milan Fashion weeks. Arts Hearts is a viable alternative for fashion industry aficionados who have quality collections, a financial forecast, clear branding, are fashion forward, and are on schedule with the fashion seasons. This after all, is the business behind fashion. Not only does Art Hearts come with the opportunity to showcase…they are backed by a significant PR campaign.  Everyone knows there is no such thing as bad press or free press.

If you are a designer, model or fashionista who wants to experience New York Fashion Week in a meaningful way contact my office. Fashion Forward and Xposer Magazine are joining forces once again…but this time, to mentor Colorado fashion aficionados through the New York Fashion Week experience. 

Calling all designers, models, photographers, stylists, make-up artists, fashionistas and socialites. Email  or to learn how you can take part in a reputable and career building NYFW experience in February and September. 

Check out some of my top picks from Arts Hearts featured designers below…









Written By: Jessica Montour

Wardrobe Consultant Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward is a wardrobe consulting and event planning company. Our stylists are available for closet purges, personal shopping, custom menswear, runway show production, brand consulting and photo shoots.

Instagram & Pinterest: @fashfwd

Photos by Daniel Sanchez



21 Reasons Why by Madeline Stuart
Elie Madi
House of Byfield
Kristina Mak
Mena Lombard
Resty Lagar
Rocky Gathercole
Royal Legacy

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