Sabroso Music Festival

The Sabroso Music Festival is a one of a kind event that combines music, beer, tacos and Lucha Libre wrestling. Showcasing over 100 different types of beers from all over the state of Colorado and some of the most delicious tacos you have ever eaten, I could only hope you were able to come out for this event and partake in all of this yum!  From beginning to end, it was amazing. I arrived around 2pm. immediately went over to the wrestling ring to check out some of the action that was taking place there. So much fun watching the true Lucha Libre performers (which means freestyle wrestling) in their colorful tights and coordinating masks, their style of wrestling similar to the old days of WWE, or true Greco-Roman.

At around 4pm the music began. A high-energy ska-punk band, Los Kung Fu Monkeys, coming all the way from Mexico set the tone for the day…. It was time to get up and move! The perfect combination of guitar, horns and popcorn snares, reminds you of a rockabilly’s dream.

Up next was a well-known band in the punk scene, Unwritten Law. You could see the crowd getting larger as some moved in closer to the pit. Creating a great energy from the stage, you could see that the mosh pits were coming soon. Playing songs like “Cailin”, “Seeing Red” and “Up All Night”, it was as if I died and went to teenage heaven.

After a quick switch out, it was the Street Dogs turn to take the stage and the night just keeps getting better. The VIP area began to fill with people taking their seats and even more heading down closer to be one with the music. When they were done, Lit begins to get things ready for their set.

Most would not think in a million years that Lit, the band that came out with the song “My Own Worst Enemy”, would ever sing country music but around mid-set, they unleashed two songs to the viewing audience with mixed results. Many in the crowd were dancing along but there were a few that held back…. must not be their sort of thing. After the two songs, they continued with “Ziplock” with the entire crowd singing along and closed out their set.

Finally, one of my most favorite bands Pennywise steps out and is welcomed with cheers beyond belief. Pennywise has been holding strong for over 20 years and does not show signs of slowing down. The energy in the pit, which was now taking up all of the pit area at Fiddler’s Green, was unlike no other. The crowd went wild as they played their most notable music such as Same Old Story, Never Gonna Die, Stand By Me and F**k Authority. The boys seemed to be on Cloud 9, interacting with the audience and telling stories between songs. A passion that is missed in some modern day shows. Having loved this band for so long now, I was happy when they ended their set with a classic, “Bro Hymn”. I am pretty sure just about everyone was singing along to that one, arm in arm with their neighbor. Classic times…

The last to perform was The Offspring but they certainly were not the least of them all. Powerhouse performers who commanded the stage from beginning to end. You may have thought they were more on the pop-punk side but seeing them live changed my whole perspective. Between the grittiness of Dexter’s voice and the crunch of his guitar, I would say this fast paced music would more likely to be punk all the way. Their energy jumped from the stage into the audience and had everyone moving to the beat. That popcorn snare creating the perfect tempo to move your body to. Starting strong, they quickly led into the opening chords of “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” and did not stop there. “Come Out and Play” soon followed and there was not a single person still sitting on the ground. So many great songs! You tend to forget just how many this band had over the years. “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, “Gotta Get Away”,”Why Don’t You Get a Job” and “Gone Away” just to name a few.

The night ended on a fantastic note. The festival is one to write down in your calendar so you do not miss out next year! I had a great time and was fully entertained for the full 12hrs I was there. Remember to bring some water and you should have an amazing time as well!

Here’s to next year and as always, stay tuned for more from Xposer Magazine, where you go to be scene!!!!!



Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography

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