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Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend kicked off the weekend once again with the vintage inspired fashion show in the showroom on Friday at The Orleans. Fashion Forward’s Wardrobe Guru Jessica Montour of Xposer Magazine was there for a fourth year in a row to take in all the fashion and style. Below is VLV Fashion and style according to Jessica…

This year there seemed to be more of a traditional vintage apparel theme and less “spin offs” from the sub-cultures. I mean, as a fashionista I enjoy it all…just sayin’.

“I packed 14 outfits for three days,” shares one show goer. I love wandering around this crowd because there really is this thorough thought process that goes into what is worn at VLV (whether male or female). Victory rolls in her hair, bright red lips and nails, greased back hair for the dudes and cuffed pants were everywhere you turned. It is truly inspiring to see how attendees really bring their style game from head to toe for this event. Good times and good people watching. I hope you enjoy this snapshot of the fashion show as much as I enjoyed learning about all of these great brands.

Ains & Elke Style Haus started their shop as a sort of random idea to see if anyone showed any interest in items they make. One stitch at a time…they are adding more and more items, hoping people will find something that speaks to them. Their collection at VLV 2018 was a brilliant culmination of vintage meets Disney. The style theme was crystal clear from the sweet and innocence of Snow White to the fierce persona of Cruella DeVille.

If you missed Miss Lily White at Viva don’t fret! She is excited to be launching her rolling boutique very soon. I loved the light hearted and daytime looks she featured on the runway. Miss Lily White has come quite a way from playing with scraps of fabric and Nana’s old clothes in her dress up box.

Swearing Parrot is vintage inspired apparel brand between two sisters. One is passionate about vintage design and the other drinking anything out of a coconut while wearing a fez. Running the gamut from honky tonk to fiesta fashion there truly is something for him and something for her. They have fun and flirty patterns with a traditional cut.

Revolver Clothing Company showcased dresses, dresses and more dresses. Their looks are svelte. Their signature appears to be the criss cross look on the front chest area of their dresses. They are true to being a pinup and rockabilly 50’s style for greaser guys and gals.

Retro-Verte is known for their vintage clothing and accessories. There is a sweetness to their collections that are focused on the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. They carry both vintage and replica clothing and accessories.

Sourpuss is a “we got it all covered” type of brand. Their range includes killer bomber jackets to off the shoulder dresses with the dingle ball fringe.  Sign me up.  The brand creatives draw their inspiration from punk rock and tattoos.  They carry coffin shaped bath bombs on their website?  Oh Em Gee.  Love.  Love.  Love. They have been bringing it since 2001 and their collection at VLV told the audience so.

Marina Vintage is from Montreal Canada. They carry timeless elegance for every women. Whether you are casual or chic makes no difference.  You can shop sizes from XS to 3X with this brand. The runway show at Viva had strawberry shortcake, Jackie O and petty coat heaven. 

Jessica’s Top Picks:

Luche Libre Skirt from Swearing Parrot

I call her Rose by Miss Lily White

Vintage Snow White from Ains & Elke Style Haus


Written By: Jessica Montour
Owner Fashion Forward

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography

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