Review Decadence

Well I suppose dreams do come true, this was my first experience at Decadence and I was absolutely blown away. Being surrounded by wonderful people and epic music was the best way to spend New Years for me. Two whole days of music followed by nights I won’t forget. Took my breath away! The lights and music were unreal as they ignited explosions of emotions from deep within, creating goosebumps all over my body. One of my favorite moments was when Desert Hearts hit the stage. Sometimes it can be hard to convey your emotions through words, hard to express the way music can make you feel or the way it can move you. But this music moved me in all sorts of ways.

Claude VonStroke put on another amazing show, I always love seeing his light show and it always flows so perfectly in sync with the sounds. There’s so much more still around the corner, this was only the first night!

Night two began and I was already in heaven. The sounds were so intense I just closed my eyes and let it take me away. The vibes were perfect and even though there were well over 20k in attendance, it didn’t feel like you were in times square. Amazing pieces of art hung from the ceiling, lantern like creations looked like large stars in the sky outside of the Radius stage. I spent a lot of time outside of the Vector stage and above the crowd were pyramid shaped LED lights that would flex shape and rotate along with the music to create new shapes in the sky. No little detail was overlooked for the enjoyment of this event. In case you needed some separation from the crowd or your own little private space, they even offered a silent disco where you could don headphones and be lost in your personal world for a bit. I thought that was a pretty fun option. Even though the temperatures were sub zero cold outside, you couldn’t have known by some of the attire you saw! Booty percolating club wear from head to toe, so festive and perfect for dancing the night away. The coat check offered at the door provided everyone the chance to dress appropriately for the weather and shed off the extra weight for the night ahead.  It gets awfully hot when you don’t stop moving for hours on end!

Traditional to any midnight celebration, there was confetti in the air and people were toasting their friends along with kissing their mates. Surrounded by wonderful music and wonderful people. Happy New Year everyone, I hope you were able to make it out to this event but if you weren’t, hope to see you there next year!

Till next time!