2MX2 journeys back to their musical roots

One Year after a major house cleaning, 2MX2 releases a new single Vivir y Bailar

2MX2 journeys back to their musical roots

2MX2 is a bilingual Hip-Hop group based in Denver with roots in Zacatecas and Michoacan, Mexico. Their message is uplifting and positive, exploring  the power of cultural communication through a unique musical blend of Spanish and English lyrical cadences.  

At 12:00am GMT on January 7, 2018, 2MX2 will release the new recording titled Vivir y Bailar (Live and Dance).

One year after removing 90+% of all audio and video content from almost every digital platform, 2MX2 emerges with a song of celebrating life!  At the end of 2017, 2MX2 decided to reinvent itself by revisiting the soul of its existence. Founding band members Juice “ET” Hugo and Owen Trujillo asked performing partners Lolita and DMDTheProducer to embrace the 2MX2 moniker and they said “yes”.  This new union expanded the 2MX2 music palate  – resulting in a rich new sound.                                     

Vivir y Bailar is a handcrafted audio masterpiece produced by DMDTheProducer. It is a thick blend of silky voices that will inspire you to forget your stresses, celebrate your life and urge you to convert your sway into an all out Dance. Vivir y Bailar is a gorgeous combination of Latin rhythms, Spanish lyrics and beautiful instrument phrases.   

2MX2 has many years of experience working with local social outreach organizations like VocalCoalition (VOCO) and Denver & Aurora Public Schools. 2MX2 will be featured with Kid Astronaut on the 2018 303 Magazine Vinyl Compilation. They have also performed with Gov. John Hickenlooper in conjunction with Take Note Colorado and toured extensively in Colorado with Denver’s own Flobots.

Download and Purchasing Options

Vivir y Bailar will be available on all digital stores and streaming services including Spotify and iTunes on January 7th 2019.

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