Lolita seeks peace through art



Art just may bring us to our senses

Lolita, a bright shining bilingual wordsmith with close ties to Denver’s own 2MX2 is releasing a new
single that is a call to arms in the air and bodies in motion. Lolita is “art” without blind assumptions. She cleverly
blends messages and signals into a sonic serum with highly addictive properties. And once again, DMDTheProducer
disappoints no one with another dose of magic for your ears.

At 12:00am GMT on January 28, 2019, Lolita will release the new recording titled Toda Mi Gente (trans All MyPeople).
Lolita recently spent a number of months contemplating a record contract offer. Her concerns were stemmed
around the idea that a Record Label might mistakenly misguide her craft and leave her headed in the wrong direction.

While considering the offer she spent many of those days writing stories, poems and bars. She toyed with many
styles before deciding to be bound by nothing. She decided to make it on her own …And after a 3-day
close-off-the-world songwriting session, Lolita, & bandmates Owen Trujillo & DMDTheProducer exited the studio with
3 amazingly well written songs. The first one Lolita wants to share is Toda Mi Gente. This song artistically
acknowledges a handful of systemic issues and recent choices that society is passively and actively participating in.
She asked everyone to simply consider the impact and to decide what can be done to change this “acceptance”

Toda Mi Gente is in the air as is the movement to end all forms of oppression. The #metoo movement is a sign that
perhaps society may finally be addressing its obsession with hierarchical power structures and its forgiveness attitude
for the corporate tyrants. Turns out that we may all want to be more peaceful than powerful. Take a listen to Toda Mi
Gente and see what your body and spirit have to say & do about it.

Lolita will be celebrating the release of Toda Mi Gente at Lost Lake on February 9th. For more information and to
purchase tickets click the following link; (
Lolita has many years of experience working with local social outreach organizations like VocalCoalition (VOCO) and
Denver & Aurora Public Schools. Lolita will be featured with Kid Astronaut on the 2019 303 Magazine Vinyl
Compilation. She has also performed with Gov. John Hickenlooper in conjunction with Take Note Colorado and
toured extensively in Colorado with Denver’s own Flobots, Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) and Ft Collins’ Music
District. And yes! Lolita will be adorning the stage with 2MX2.

Download and Purchasing Options
Toda Mi Gente will be available on all digital stores and streaming services including Spotify and iTunes on
February 28th 2019.
Pre-order Toda Mi Gente on iTunes & pre-save on Spotify: