Interview with El Toro Loco driver Elvis Lainez

Since the age of two, driving a monster truck was all Elvis ever wanted to do. He would go check out Monster Jam with his family and dream of becoming a driver himself. When he was 15 years old, he decided to send a random facebook message over to the Monster Jam team in hopes of becoming a helper of sorts. “Whatever I could do to get on the team”, he was willing to do anything, wash the trucks even, just to be that much closer to his dream. He got his response just a short time later, they replied to his facebook message with a simple ‘come on down and lets have a talk’. Soon after Elvis began traveling around following the tour, anywhere he could to be close to the action. Assisting the drivers and mechanics with the trucks, working alongside Max D and Mohawk Warrior.

After three years of chasing his dream, “I grew up getting made fun of for wanting to be a driver, people would tease me saying my career choice was too childish”, but at the age of 18, just before he was set to graduate high school; Tom Meents snapped a photo of Elvis standing beside his truck and submitted him for approval to become a driver with Monster Jam. Elvis was approved and became the newest driver for El Toro Loco. Being submitted by Tom Meents himself meant the world to Elvis, Tom was always his idol growing up, the one driver he always looked up to and emulated to be. “It was like a crazy dream”. Elvis soon went to Monster Jam University, located deep in the heart of Illinois in Tom Meents backyard. Life couldn’t get better at this point. Still focused on the bigger picture, Elvis attends college for petroleum engineering to have something to fall back on. Elvis plans on continuing his career with Monster Jam for as long as possible.

“When you die, you don’t go away with your money, you go away with your happiness”.

He will never stop doing what he loves, the sound of his trucks 1500 hp electronic fuel injection engine is one of the things he lives for…. “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. Well played sir.

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Hope to see you all there!!



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