Project Pabst Music Festival

Ice Cube blew the roof off at this years’ Project Pabst Music Festival held in downtown Denver this past Saturday. AEG once again puts on a stellar lineup in collaboration with Pabst Blue Ribbon to offer a days’ worth of music-packed fun, accompanied by $3 PBR tall boys….and there were plenty to go around.

Entering the festival, you are greeted by the PBR rendition of Denver’s very own blue stallion, only this one…. Is a unicorn!

Heading on in and making my way to the appropriate area, I was excited to finally get the chance to see one of the world’s most influential rappers. Having never watched one of the original members of N.W.A. take the stage, I was floored by Ice Cube’s capability to engage the crowd. A natural performer, one could say that his talent steps far beyond what we saw today. Leading into such hits as Straight Outta Compton, Friday, and  many more of the hits, the fans go wild and sing along.

One band I was happy to discover at the festival was Phantogram. I had never heard of this duo before, playing a form of electro rock, both Sarah and Josh’s vocals gave me goosebumps all over. The tempo of the music put you in just the right groove and all I could do was dance, much like most of the crowd around me. Such a wonderful day to spend at a great festival, which seems to be becoming more of the norm in the RiNo district of Denver. Some may have a problem with that but I feel most like it just fine!

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography