Look twice save a life.

Hello there friends. With this warm weather finally sinking in here, I wanted to bring something to everyone’s attention about driver safety with regards to bikers. We all know when the warmer temps come, we all want to be outdoors and that includes many people out and about on their bicycles or motorcycles. Their safety as well as ours should be everyone’s top priority and there are simple ways to do just that. By staying aware of what is going on around you while driving your vehicle, you can prevent most accidents from happening.

Remember to stay focused on the road in front of you and not the cell phone sitting to your side. Unfortunately, the reason I chose to write this public service announcement is because I have had 3 close friends get injured and one killed this past few weeks while out riding on their bikes. All due to people not paying attention. Those words should rattle you to your core. It doesn’t take much to be aware of what is around you. Especially while driving something that weighs more than an elephant! Sounds like that is one important mission there, to arrive safe to your destination. Who doesn’t want to do that, right? So, seems pretty simple. Pay attention, keep a lookout and drive easy. Enjoy this sunshine and as always thanks for the read.

Look twice save a life.
Share the road.

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