Native Fashion in the City

It is so refreshing to see collections true to preserving the beauty of a cultural heritage so rich in history, so vibrant in colors and so clear on their messaging

Native Fashion in the City has evolved into a developmental program designed to support the next generation of indigenous fashion creatives. The aim of the show is to root the Native American fashion world firmly in the international fashion scene by giving a platform from which talents from across Indian Country will be given opportunity for XPOSER.

Collections were expressive with statements to raise awareness and spanned to fully adorned gowns stitched together with all of the best traditional textiles and accessories melded together. OXDX Clothing showcased “Chemical Warfare” which features traditional elements of a Navajo Elder with a respirator mask. It is a statement about the environment on the Navajo Reservation.

“There are a lot of coal and uranium mines left open causing leaks into water systems…these leaks cause cancer to those living around it,” shared artist Jared Yazzie of OXDX Clothing.

We love fashion with a purpose and especially appreciate collections that are clean, clear and cohesive. This can often be a struggle for designers to accomplish…but for this community who is accustomed to living in harmony with their surroundings and with each other, it comes very easy as it is second nature. What a wonderful celebration of life!

Written By: Jessica Montour
Owner Fashion Forward

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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography


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