The Fashion Story Unfolds Year-Round in New York City

The fashion story unfolds year-round in New York City as runway shows continue, new brands are always launching and collections are frequently unveiled,


New York is a city that never sleeps. The same goes for the fashion world within the city walls and on the city streets.   Fashion is born in some of the most prominent fashion capitals of the world…and New York is no exception. The hustle and bustle of NYFW might be a distant memory, however, there is still an active industry that is always creating. Kid collections are making their mark and magazines are launching to prepare for the ongoing press debuting current style and upcoming trends. 

International designers are drawn by the opportunities in NYC year-round and are no exception to influencing and inspiring what will be seen once again within six very short months.  As we look forward to the next season of fashion weeks, we continue to stay plugged into the twists and turns of what the next big thing might be. Stay tuned as we continue to comb the industry for the most memorable fashion moments of 2017. 

Written By: Jessica Montour
Owner Fashion Forward

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Ydamys Simo
Resty Lagare

Photos by Daniel Sanchez / Zoop Cam Photography NYC