Monster Jam Triple Threat Series

Monster Jam Triple Threat Series


Monster Jam Triple Threat series made its way to the Pepsi Center this Friday evening and had the whole stadium rumbling with excitement. Halfway to the finals in Vegas, Earthshaker was leading the competition going into tonight’s event. Beginning first with a lap for the fastest time, Earthshaker took a digger and flipped on his back coming around the last corner while the others were able to complete the lap. Alien Invasion took the top score in this preliminary part of the show. The crowd was able to participate fully by logging on to and casting their votes for whom they felt should be champion. 

Next up were wheelies and donuts, again the crowd could vote on them all and soon you could see who the front runners were, in the top four there were Alien Invasion, Pirate’s Curse, GraveDigger and EarthShaker. Of course, I was rooting for EarthShaker when I cast my vote! 

Earth Shaker

Grave Digger

El Toro Loco


Alien Invasion

Pirates Curse


Monster Mutt

In the Triple Threat Series, the competitors drive three different vehicles, the monster truck, an ATV and UTVs, which was super fun to watch. You could see the playful competition better during this race where the pilots cleverly maneuvered around their opponents to gain the lead. This reminded me of when I was younger and goofing around with my friends in the fields. So much fun!

The final part of the show was also the most anticipated the freestyle competition where the drivers did their best to pull off wicked stunts to impress the crowd. With each monster truck weighing approx 12,000 lbs. about 10.5 feet tall by 12.5 feet wide and about 17 feet long. You could safely assume that this is not an easy feat to nosepick a truck like this. GraveDigger rolled on her topside without being able to complete much during this freestyle competition but somehow (through crowd voting) ended up taking first for this part of the show. In my personal opinion and reflected through my vote, I felt EarthShaker should have taken this title for sure. Pulling off a stellar nosepick coming off the mound only to reverse it, popping his tire in the process and still completing the trick with no issues. Was such an epic sight to see this huge truck performing feats that I would barely attempt on my bicycle! 

Overall, the final winner of Friday night’s event went to Pirate’s Curse, another obvious fan fave who performed all of his tricks flawlessly and effortlessly. I had the best time watching all these trucks compete and for this being my first time, I will certainly be going back when they repeat their performance here next year!

If you have the chance to make it out this weekend, try to make it out to one of their shows, action packed and exciting, I can assure you will have the best time! Click here  to get your tickets for any of the remaining times/dates for Denver shows or if you happen to be else wear, you can find tickets to shows in your area by clicking the link above as well. Don’t forget the Monster Jam World Finals comes to Vegas March 23rd and the 24th so if you find yourself down there during this time, you could check out some of the most amazing action anywhere!

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Thanks to Feld Entertainment for delivering yet another show that does not disappoint! Make sure to follow our website for all the upcoming events Xposer Magazine is covering and hope to see you as some of them soon!



Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography