Interview Tristan England Earth Shaker Driver

Xposer Magazine recently had the chance to chat with Tristan England, driver for the Earth Shaker truck who will be performing at Monster Jam when it hits Denver this Friday night! Hope you guys have your tickets ready for this rumbling good time!

Tristan took the time from his busy schedule to chat with us about a few facts. The winner of 2017’s Double Down Showdown Championship, Tristan has been around monster trucks most of his life. His father happens to own the ‘Big Kahuna’ and put Tristan to work at the tender age of 13 as his assistant, working on the truck and getting it ready for race days. I do not know a kid in this world that would not love having the chance to be around so many big “toys”! Growing up with a professional driver as a dad gave Tristan the opportunity to hang out in the big leagues, meeting some of his favorite drivers such as Cole Bernard, known for driving the infamous Grave Digger. One could say this job has its perks! Tristan states that his biggest role model would be his dad; being the one who taught him everything he knows in this industry and for that, he is ultimately grateful. 

Being on the road brings you to many new places so I decided to ask Tristen what he loved so much about traveling with the tour. “I love seeing all the different cultures and scenery”, being able to see so many different parts of the country, and taste so many types of food brings a completely new appreciation, for what you have and where you came from. Tristan says his most favorite place to visit would be Seattle, Washington, because of the beauty of the city and everything from the buildings to the people, and the food were all number one on his list of places to visit, seems he knows something we don’t know *wink wink*.

Little do people know that there is actually a Monster Truck University, that you can attend which teaches you all you need to know about racing trucks. There is apparently a lot more to it than just driving your own personal truck around town. Learning tips and tricks from the pros, Tristan had the opportunity to train with one of the world’s finest, Tom Meents who happens to be an 11-time Monster Jam World Final champion. If that isn’t learning from the best, I’m not sure what is!

Tristan is currently in 1st place at the halfway mark to the World Finals of Monster Jam held in Vegas every year. He is looking forward to winning that coveted prize and you can help him out by placing your vote at the show this weekend! How neat is that? Upon the show beginning, you will be able to download a judging app that will allow you to place your score during the evening for all of the riders participating. The higher the score, the higher his chances will be on advancing to the finals. So make sure to pay close attention to how you can help him become the next Monster Jam World Final Champion!

I have no doubt that from beginning to end, this will be one awesome, power packed event! If you have not had the chance to grab your tickets, click here to scoop yours up today!

Hope to see you all there and do not forget to cast your vote for Earth Shaker, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Till next time.