Magic of the Ice Castles

Magic of the Ice Castles

There is a new winter time activity available across the United States and you do not necessarily have to be an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy it. A father building a snow house for his daughter in his front yard has evolved into a spectacular Icelandic wonderland for people of all ages to enjoy. Among the states you can experience entering these life size castles include: Utah, Minnesota, Colorado, Manitoba, Alberta and New Hampshire.

The ice castles showed me the wonders of what the world can make,


The ice appears to be blue in different areas which leads one to believe that the ice is colored. In fact, the compression and thickness of the ice is what naturally gives the ice a blue hue (much like the ocean). Water absorbs all other colors of the spectrum except for blue. Dominic said he especially felt adventurous as he walked through the castle because there were so many secret compartments that you could go into and explore. Make sure you pick up a castle map at the entrance so you don’t miss anything inside the castle.

Tickets sell out in advance online. When you arrive with your electronic tickets you will still have to wait in line as staff does not allow the waves of ticket holders enter all at once. This helps alleviate overcrowding in the castle. If you have little ones and are hesitant to carry them through the castle it is recommended to bring a sled to pull them around. Strollers are not an ideal mode of transporting little ones through the castle.

“You have to dress warm with good snow shoes,” Dominic recommends. “you are walking on ice in some spots and it is slick.” he warns. Someone once said, don’t judge a book by its cover. This is true of the ice castle’s exterior view. It appears unassuming until you walk in and venture around this winter wonderland. As you find yourself nearing the exit you don’t want it to be over. It is truly a unique and whimsical experience. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to wander around this ice wonder? It is just a matter of time until the sunshine will melt away every last icicle.

Written By Jessica Montour

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Ticket prices: vary by location

Company Background: The concept for Ice Castles was created when founder and Utah resident Brent Christensen attempted to build an ice cave for his daughter in the front yard of his home in Alpine, Utah. The project turned into a winter hit drawing crowds of locals to visit and tour his creation. Ice Castles has since turned into an internationally renowned tourist attraction with six locations across North America and growing. 

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