Interview Daniel Arsenault Disney on Ice Performer

Daniel Arsenault has been figure skating since he was 14 yrs old. The oldest of nine siblings, Daniel grew up in a close knit family who put family and faith before anything else. Since all of his six sisters figure skated, a trait passed down from their mother, Daniel decided to give it a try when his efforts to hockey weren’t exactly paying off. Growing up, his parents and grandfather were his role models providing him good ethics and dedication to look up to. All of this bread a hard working individual in Daniel, all which helped him achieve his dreams of skating for Disney on Ice. “I’ve wanted to skate for Disney on Ice since I was 18 yrs old, for five years I longed for this position”. Last year, that dream became a reality for Daniel when he opened the fateful email that requested him to come in for an audition. “I was excited opening the email and finding out about the audition”. After the audition, Daniel was extended the opportunity to skate for Disney on Ice-Dare to Dream performing as Prince Adam also known as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. He was beyond stoked for this opportunity, having enjoyed seeing the shows growing up, he was excited to now become a part of bringing that excitement to others.  

Now that one of his goals has been accomplished, life on the road begins. Daniel was raised outside of Denver in Centennial which he still calls Denver home during his off season. Daniel is usually on the road for 9-10 months out of the year with only Mondays and Tuesdays off during that time. This leaves little time for exploring, hiking and climbing, things that he loves to do in his off time. Most of his time is wrapped up in practices and training sessions in prep for the nights upcoming show. So instead of finding reclusive mountain spots to hike while on the road, Daniel chooses to explore for his second most favorite thing… food! As you could imagine, growing up in a large family, Daniel loves to eat good food. He doesn’t limit himself while dining so that he may experience the indigenous culture wherever he is currently at. Although he would say steak is on the top of his list of food to find. You just can’t pass up a good steak!  

Pushing forward Daniel is on top of the world skating for Dare to Dream. Some of his favorite moments are skating out on the ice for the first time during the show and hearing the excitement from the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces. From their position on the ice, the performers can see a whole lot more than you can think and when they aren’t performing on the ice, they are spectating from behind the scenes watching it all unfold. Daniel says some of the most powerful times from the performance are when Moana takes the ice, since this is her debut, she is one of the most well received princesses to hit center stage. Another strong moment is of course when Elsa begins to sing “Let it Go” and the whole crowd erupts. Music is a powerful thing and when combined with fluid art, can bring tears to your eyes! Daniel encourages everyone to “Come see the show!”  Filled with great music, feats, strengths and acrobatics, you really can’t miss out on this event! So come out and show support for our local hometown athlete and all of the amazing performers who make up the cast for Disney on Ice-Dare to Dream. They will be here all weekend December 6-9th at the Pepsi Center. You can get your tickets now by clicking here.

Don’t miss out on this amazing show with new Disney princess Moana!! I am so stoked to see her performance. After all, I’m still a big kid at heart! Get the family together and come enjoy the fun with me!!

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