Interview Will Clarke the Notorious Dirtybird DJ

DJ Will Clarke has been in the industry since he was young. At the age of 13 he began experimenting with playing his own live shows and not to long after, began playing the club scenes of England. Known for his booty dropping bass sounds, Will recently hit the stage in Denver for a fun filled night of music at the infamous Club Vinyl. Starting his set promptly at 11pm with the scene having been set by his opener Lee K, the transition was smooth and the excitement level increased in the crowd, preparing for the total annihilation that was about to take place on stage.

Earlier in the evening I had a chance to chat with this notorious Dirtybird DJ about some of his passions, loves and influences in life. It turns out his father exposed him to alot of music, mostly punk when he was younger, “Music has always been a part of my life”. It started small with just a few pieces to record and from there Will said the passion just never stopped, “I treat music like work, I’m in the studio certain times on certain days and that’s where I stay, creating; you won’t catch me sitting around and watching tv”. With such dedication to his productions, it makes sense why his sound has become so popular over the years. Constantly growing in his own music style, Will says he never wants to remain stagnant.

What quite possibly be a little known fact about this charming chap is that he loves to cook! It’s indeed one of his passions. “I love Indian food, it’s one of my favorite dishes to make, with all the spices and flavor that it has”. Unfortunately Will has only been able to find good Indian food on the road in places like New York.

Usually life on the road can get quite busy with time between shows being very minimal, sometimes only enough for the travel part itself. When you’re thinking about life on the road for a touring artist, you often think once they land they immediately head to the party which turns into the show which then turns into the after-party….. It doesn’t really happen like that. A majority of the time once they arrive in town it’s off to the hotel to rest for a bit before the setup for that night’s show. They miss their friends and family from being on the road months at a time and that could sometimes lead to depression. This is a topic Will really wanted to touch upon because it is a big misconception of how life really is for a touring artist. With that being said, crowd presence at shows is what they tend to live upon, the energy and good vibes they receive from the fans are what keeps pushing them forward to the next tour. This weekend, Will is playing in his home country of England where he will finally have that chance to catch up with friends and relax with his family. One of his favorite things about being back home is the real conversations he can have. Ones that aren’t focused on his productions or music career, just ones from childhood memories that they all have shared.

Life on the road is busy with lots of upcoming shows you can check out. You can find everything on his website including the option to win a date with Will by clicking here

By the way, Will is apparently also known for his cuddles and proudly displays that on his merchandise 😉

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