Disney’s on Ice-Dare to Dream

It was exciting walking into the Pepsi Center for Disney’s on Ice-Dare to Dream. The arena was packed to the brim for opening night, After getting snacks, my entourage finally made our way to our seats just in time for the fun to begin!

The show starts with songs from the movie CoCo and then progressed into some of the more classic Disney characters such as Goofy, Daisy, Donald, Mickey and Minnie Mouse skating around the stage, singing and clapping.. Getting the crowd involved. It didn’t take long before the little kids started making their way a little closer to the action and dancing all along where the rink ends and the seating began. The music was upbeat and fun, really made you want to get out of your seat and have a good time. Shifting next to Cinderella’s story, I was ultimately impressed by how much work went into creating these costumes!! When the horses came out to escort the carriage across the ice, I was blown away by how much they sparkled! It really was just so beautiful to watch them dance across the ice, creating such a shine when they twirled.

After Cinderella came a little bit from Beauty and the Beast. Again, I was absolutely floored with how much detail was placed into the garments the performers wore. Such stunning placement and display, I said many times just how much I’d love to wear one of the costumes I was seeing … probably as often as the scene changed.

Rapunzel was the next act to perform right before the intermission began. With the scene set with a large spinning wheel and a small room, Flynn finds Rapunzel and their journey begins. They embark on their quest to find the lanterns and to find them selves which results in an absolutely beautiful aerial display one would expect to see in Cirque du Soleil. How in the world they didn’t manage to accidently cut the silk ropes with their skates is beyond me, the performers strength and talent were quite impressive! At the end of their quest, the lanterns were found and the preceded into intermission.

After the 20min break, the stage opened up to Elsa and Anna, the two favorite sisters from Arendelle. When Elsa accidently hurts her sister Anna with her strange powers of winter, she retreats to an ice castle of her own creation staying there till Anna tries to rescue her from her own cold heart. Again, I can’t stress just how beautiful these costumes are!! As a parent I not only enjoyed seeing all my favorite disney stories played out but seeing the talent behind their wardrobe just knocked my socks off! Holy smokes they were gorgeous! The cute little story wrapped up with Olaf, the snowman, skating around with Anna singing and dancing. This time around, the story was expanded a little and I enjoyed seeing a bit more song and dance from the movie Frozen.

Last to take the stage was the debut of one of the newer Disney princesses, Moana! What a great character to incorporate into the show! The crowd erupted in cheer and the little kids had started to make their way back down to front and center stage to feel more like part of the action. Opening the scene with Moana’s journey to place the heart of Te Fiti back within her and regain the strength of her people, Moana quickly comes into contact with Maui, the demigod she embarked on her journey to find. Maui helps Moana to defeat Te Ka to restore the heart of Te Fiti and they become great friends along the way. The story incorporates a beautiful manta ray scene when her grandmother was teaching Moana stories along her journey. I would highly recommend seeing this Disney on Ice production if at all possible with the family! I was so excited to hear Moana would be a part of this tour and they brought her story to life in such a beautiful way!! Don’t miss your chance to see this story live while they are in town! Click here to get your tickets before they sell out!!!

Disney on Ice-Dare to Dream tickets!

As I said I enjoyed myself tremendously so I hope you get to do the same.   

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