HearseCon 2016

HearseCon is a 4 day event held in Denver Colorado that has been featured on the Travel Channel, Discovery, Forbes, NBC, CBS, The Denver Post, Rebel Rodz Magazine and the Rocky Mountain News.

What separates this one event from other hearse events around the nation? HearseCon features 4 days of hearse cruising, camping, fire performances, good looking dames (both models and hearse driving ones) flaming sword battles, cemetery picnics and much more!

The event included a Thursday Early bird dinner and drive in movie night. Friday at the Frightmare Compound had Capture the funeral flag, meet and greet, performances, music acts and more unforgettable performances Midnight camping, bonfire and movies.  Saturday invaded Stevos Pizza and had a Decay and Shine Hearse Show, this was the big day! Hearses, ambulances, lights and sirens and of course, the Hearse Girls, fire performers and live music! More midnight camping, bonfire and movies. Special musical guests 13 Nails was playing the car show as well!  Sunday was a Private event, for the hearse drivers only an After party and decompression event.

At HearseCon you’re going to find some amazing dames, some are models, some are friends and more than a few of them are hearse drivers as well who have spent as much time under the hood as any guy in the club. Try finding that at other car events across the nation!


Photos by John Root