45th annual People’s Fair

45th annual People’s Fair Civic Center Park Denver Colorado

In 1972, in order to forge more amicable relations between City Hall, the Denver Police Department, and residents of Capitol Hill, Denver Police Lt. Richard Alligood worked with the community residents to create a neighborhood get-together on the grounds of what was then Morey Junior High School. Two thousand people attended that first year. Once The People’s Fair outgrew Morey’s grounds, CHUN officials sought to move the fair to Cheeseman Park, but city officials and then-mayor William McNichols Jr. would not agree to the plan due to the city’s anti-huckstering measure on city grounds.  Shortly before the event, a compromise was reached and the fair was moved to the grounds of East High School instead.
By 1987, ongoing success warranted moving the People’s Fair to its current location in Civic Center Park, where it continues to thrive.The 45th annual People’s Fair is probably the best Annual Festival for 2016 highlighting our local historical roots and community attributes. And The People’s Fair is famous for bringing together a diverse population to celebrate family, entrepreneurial spirit and community. It’s also a great way to kick off the summer festival season!
Civic Center Park, home of The People’s Fair, transforms into Colorado’s third largest city with over 200,000 festival goers and volunteers alike exploring a multitude of handcrafted items, fine arts, crafts, artisan foods, and craft beers.

Photos By John Root