Exile Fetish Ball 7 2019

Once again, the Exile Fetish Ball brought us an amazing array of exotic fetishes to see and to experience first-hand. Many lined up to get flogged at the separate stations they had available. Along with whippings, attendees could play with electrical pulses, get pierced with needles, be tied up in ropes all while watching tantalizing performances on stage. There were so many fetishes displayed, it was spectacular to witness.

With so much to take in, you needed to spend the whole night there. Tons of vendors with fabulous creations for all of your fetish needs. From harnesses to whips, paddles to full-face masks, this would be the place to shop for any and all of your fetish needs.

Scattered throughout the evening performers took the stage doing a variety of acts from dancing to painting and many things in between. Some hung from silk wraps while performing their aerial acts, which was quite beautiful to take in. One station in particular that I really wanted to try was Voodoo Leatherworks.  They would tie you up however you wanted to be and then attach you to a harness that would allow you to then suspend and swing in the air! It looked like a lot of fun!

Overall, I love attending this event just because it is so eclectic and so well put together. The people that attend these events are absolutely fabulous! Special thanks to all who were involved in making this event such an amazing one!

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📷 Curt Thompson