Cirque du Soleil Corteo comes to Pepsi Center

Often times we tell our children to not jump on the bed or to stop hanging from the chandeliers … but in this case, it could be breeding a fabulous performer. Many of the Cirque performers actually began at a very young age refining their styles, technique and individual talents.
Representing over 20 nationalities, each of them coming together to showcase a most epic display of art in motion.

Corteo has been touring the United States for just over a year now. The last time Denver saw this performance was in May of last year, and coming back 50 shows later, you could definitely see an improvement in the show. One thing I noticed immediately was the change in the lighting spectrum. The show seemed much more brighter, illuminating the color palette placed before our eyes. A few of the acts had changed to accommodate some much needed time off for certain performers. Aside from those small details, I was impressed by how synced the music was. At times one would have thought the music was possibly recorded but that is never the
case in a Cirque show.

The portrayal of the acts were beautiful to witness. The skills of the performers are breathtaking to watch as they sometimes hover 30 or more feet into the air performing their acrobatics. Coupled with the original soundtrack which is played live, seems to almost take your breath away at times. There were countless moments where my jaw dropped at the sheer talent these athletes possess. The story line reads about a clown imagining his own funeral, followed by whimsical recants of memories from his life. Such an amazingly fun story line, very playful and interactive with the crowd. This performance was very much a circus act with its comedy and the overall feel of the show.

Traveling with over 10 semi’s filled with equipment ranging from rigging, to costumes, washers & dryers for laundry, and workout gear. They also have 4 wardrobe technicians that travel and hire 2 locals to assist in the event that anything needs to be fixed up along the way, which
happens more often than one might think. Alongside all of these necessary things, the cirque cast also travels with a physical therapist and massage therapist as well to keep their bodies in tip top shape so that they may perform for you night after night. The crew gets a week off after our Denver date before they head to Hershey, Pa and then off to Italy to begin their European tour.

Cirque du Soleil Corteo will be here in Denver at the Pepsi Center until Aug 22nd so if you haven’t had a chance to check out this wonderful show, be sure to grab yours now before it’s too late by clicking here for tickets.

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📷 Curt Thompson