El Ultimo Ska

El Ultimo Ska

The story of a great love, the song was written in a dedication to their fans with love as the meaning in the lyrics. According to Luis Román Ibarra “Dr. Shenka” he knew of a couple who met at one of the band’s concerts, they fell in love and tragically one of them passed away. The song is a dedication to love and tragedy.

Rumors of the band no longer touring or creating music due to the title “El Ultimo Ska” were not true and we are glad that Panteón Rococó will continue to create more epic music.

Since 1995 Panteón Rococó has been composing their music and touring the world for all the loyal fans of ska. Although the name Panteón translates to a Cemetery, the band has never played in a Panteón, the this Day of the Dead at Hollywood Forever event is the ideal location to celebrate life, recuerdos/memories and live in the energy of Panteón Rococó. The band was not only honored to be there but also very excited in the cultural festivities.

Anyone interested in keeping up with the band’s tour schedule can check their social media on
Instagram @rococopix

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