Día de Muertos @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Día de Muertos @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery

On this Dia de los Muertos, we would like to remind you that this is a sacred occasion to remember our loved ones. Pay tribute to topics we are passionate about and create altars to honor the dead. Hollywood forever Cemetery hosted the largest Day of the Dead celebration in California on October 27th.

The grounds are covered with art exhibitions, dance rituals, altars, performers at various stages all over the cemetery, activities for kids, unique market with a variety of vendors offering traditional food, face painting and hand made goods. You can enter and participate in creating your own altar or in the Calaca costume contest.

This year’s theme Coatlicue “Mother of Gods” is in honor of the Aztec goddess and mother to the moon, sun and stars. It is wonderful to see a diverse crowd in the event come together in celebration of the roots of this holiday, learning, laughing and dancing together, this is what life is about. Let’s learn from each other, and celebrate together all while learning about the culture of others and appreciate how they want to celebrate in their own individual way.

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