Local Denver Stylist Sarah Simon

A local stylist to Denver, but far from ordinary, Sarah Simon is on her way to the top after a visit to Hollywood being asked by Ted Gibson and Jason Backe to be a part of the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Team. After saying “YES”, Sarah and 34 other specially chosen
hairdressers would meet up at the notable NYFW to join up with Ted Gibson, Jason Backe and the Ted Gibson Artistic Team, all creating the runway hair for the designers.

Sarah says, “I went to Hollywood for the exclusive “Starring Launch Party” for the new product line Ted Gibson was launching. While there, I had the opportunity to chat with Ted and Jason candidly and was asked at that time if I would join them for their trip to NYFW. To be a part ofTed Gibson’s Team, I had to first possess talent and second I had to have style”. Sarah has both of these easily and loves the challenge that this will bring. “Growing up, I faced a lot of adversity. I didn’t think when I got older, I would be part of something this big”

When Sarah was just 12 years old, she lost her father to cancer. Her mother, who is Korean and doesn’t speak English well, worked hard to raise Sarah and give her all that she could even though they didn’t have much money. Sarah often had trouble communicating with her mother due to a language barrier. Also, there was no one to translate for them. Sarah quickly learned if she needed something, she had to earn it for herself. This environment forced her to grow up fast. Sarah knew she wanted to attend college and that she would need to pay for her own way.

In high school, Sarah took cosmetology classes knowing this was a way she could make money to fund her college education. She knew she could at least make a living from doing hair and started looking into colleges. Soon after completing high school and getting her license, Sarah began working her way up from a struggling assistant hairdresser to one of the top stylists in a Paul Mitchell Salon, ranked 3rd Best in the World. From there, she began training, had assistants of her own and built an amazing clientele. She dropped out of college to pursue her career as a hairdresser!

”It’s crazy, where life takes you sometimes”, Sarah says. Sarah has now been a hairdresser for 12 years and as she prepares for her trip to New York, Sarah reflects, “I never thought I would be here, it’s really so surreal”. Packing her bags, she smiles and dreams of what lies ahead.
When asked how she feels about the possibility of being part of the Ted Gibson’s Artistic Team, she smiles again and says, “It just doesn’t feel real”. This is just the first step into the Big Time. Not officially part of the Ted Gibson Artistic Team, this is one step closer to Sarah realizing her dreams.

Sarah exclaims, “I admire Ted and what he creates. He has such amazing talent and I could only hope to emulate that. I share the same business coach as Ted and Jason, which helps to keep me on that level of always maximizing my potential. I’m keeping this momentum going forward with full force. In the past seven months, it’s been a whirlwind. I want to continue to surround myself with the best, so that I can be the best!” I couldn’t agree with that last statement more. I was able to catch up with Sarah after her return from NYFW to gain a little insight about how the event went for her, “I didn’t really know what to expect, but it exceeded my expectations, it felt like I belonged there. It felt like I was home. “14 shows” in “4 days” is a lot for anyone, but Sarah handled it like a champ, even being asked to do an offsite A list show, which means out of 35 women, Sarah was one of the 6 chosen to accompany Ted Gibson, styling out Megan Pormer for designer Romeo Hunt. What an intense experience for your first time joining the squad! Auditions for Ted Gibson’s Artistic Team are in January and even though Sarah is nervous about the auditions, she is confident she will become a strong member of Ted Gibson’s Artistic Team…. I’m pretty confident in her as well.

So talented and humble. If you’d like to contact Sarah for any of her services that she offers, and I would suggest to book as early as possible so you can actually find a spot on her already packed books, you can head over to her website and find a nice spot on her easy to use appointment book.

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