Fisher takes over the Ogden for Halloween night

A night I will not soon forget. Fisher takes over the Ogden for Halloween night and I must say, for this being my first time seeing EDM inside of this particular venue, I was very impressed with the stage setup and sound. Centralized off the main stage area, the lights were placed around which reminded me of a boxing ring looking down from the mezzanine.  So much fun to dance the night away while enjoying the good vibes among all the interesting concert attendees. Many fun costumes everywhere you looked which only enhanced the good times. I had to sadly stash my unicorn horn with coat check to avoid hitting people in the head while trying to lean in to chat about their outfits!

The show went till 2am with Fisher playing what seemed like well over an hour set, none of which anyone would complained about, certainly  not me. The crowd did not stop moving for one single moment throughout the night. I was one of them. A favorite part of Fisher’s set was the pullback to a loop from his song ‘Stop It’, “Move it up and down, side to side like a rollercoaster”. I just could not get enough!

Fisher, who is originally from the Gold Coast of Australia is currently on tour, find out if he will be in a city near you by clicking here, I would highly recommend seeing him live, nothing like this scene in its raw form.

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