Andres Aquino Couture Fashion Week New York


Xposer Magazine can’t get enough of New York Fashion Week and taking in all the sights and sounds across New York City and surrounding “Burbs”. We look forward to Andres Aquino’s semi-annual fashion shows at Couture Fashion Week in New York as they are always a well-rounded event highlighting fashion collections with just enough art and performances featured in between. A designer himself, Andres’ designs have been shown on the runways of major events internationally in major fashion capitals such as Dubai and Cannes.

Designers who show their collections at Couture Fashion Week enjoy an exciting opportunity to share their brand to fashion savvy audiences, but also to international press.

Andres Aquino’s fashion designs have been called “wearable couture” for their chic silhouettes and contemporary appeal. This year, his collection graced the runway with an upscale swim and resort collection. Elegant, classy and chic…each piece was beautifully detailed with beading, pearls and luxurious fabrics. Each look was uniquely designed, had a perfect fit and was stand out all on its own.

My number one pick hands-down was the charcoal grey high waisted suit.  Wow.  With all of the right stuff combined into one, this piece is impeccable.  Color. Cut. Combo of fabric and adornments. The perfected gathering of the material on the front waist. The majestic way of the top.  Love.  Love.  Love.

Written By: Jessica Montour

Wardrobe Consultant Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward is a wardrobe consulting and event planning company. Our stylists are available for closet purges, personal shopping, custom menswear, runway show production, brand consulting and photo shoots.

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Photos by Daniel Sanchez



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