Xposer Magazine takes you behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil ‘OvO’

Xposer Magazine takes you behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleils ‘OvO’ and what we saw was nothing short of fabulous!


Escorted by Janie Mallet, senior publicist for Cirque du Soleil, we were given the full rundown of this arena tour. For this massive arena performance, the crew traveled with 20 semi trucks carrying what all the performers and staff will need during the duration of this amazing performance. Seamstresses, Tailors, Chefs, costumes, makeup, lighting, sound & stage design, including much more; even washers and dryers to make sure the team has everything they need for this traveling circus. With 52 performers equaling over 100 total people on staff assisting representing 25 different countries; they take this seriously because its not just work for them… its a passion that they love to bring. To captivate the audience filling the chairs in front as they showcase their abilities, to hear the “OOooOOosss” & “Ahhhhs” as they fly in the air; it drives them further into the bliss that has been created in this amazing land of ‘OvO’, now lets get to the back story.

In 2009 ‘OvO’ was born. From conception to creation, now this will take some time, often years go into these performances developing the story line and following through with stage/costume design and music composure as well. Every detail is custom fit for the shows full impact including the original music scores! Each of these components builds the elemental foundation to the performance you see before you today, ever evolving however it is never complete. I love this about Cirque, you could see a show one year and watch it again the next time it comes around and you will notice the details change such as lighting, placement or even adding extra acts! ‘OvO’ did exactly this, adding three additional acts into the performance creating such a new richness to the flow of the event. For those whom have never seen this particular show before, it follows a bugs life. Innocently enough, we walk along with the characters as they tell their story on stage. One aspect I’ve always noticed even from watching the performance myself is the attention to detail with every costume the acrobats wear. These costumes go into production in Quebec at the Cirque du Soleil headquarters with their master seamstresses, custom printed designs lead to amazingly detailed stylish costumes for the performers to wear. Many measurements are taken from all angles to assure the performers have ultimate mobility while wearing the designs. Once the costumes are complete, the performers also learn how to apply their own makeup for their character. Their makeup is commissioned by BEN NYE exclusively shade matched to color coordinate, how much better can this get?!

I spoke with Catherine Audy, an aerialist performer, one of the night butterflies about some most favorite things while traveling with the circus. Catherine has been performing with her aerialist partner Alexis Trudel; whom you will see during their presentation spinning his own kind of beauty, for 12 years now. A passion so deep it exudes when you watch them practicing together for the nights festivities. During Covid, these two were separated for almost 2 years! Being unable to train together was sad for everyone involved but luckily once reopened, they were able to come back together in which Cathrerine states “It was just like riding a bicycle, you just remembered each other that way”, so this provided a seamless transition to all those years lost to bring you this amazing performance you will see set the stage on any night of this tour. Of her most favorite things running away with the circus has provided for her life, Catherine states that she met her husband while traveling with Cirque of course and love to travel the world tasting all the wonderful food everywhere has to offer, seeing all the beautiful landmarks in between. Being on an arena tour is hard to sight see she says, “Only having Monday or Tuesday to explore any new city you are in can be hard”, but she loves every moment of it and i can tell you by the excitement in her eyes how much this is true. One of her favorite memories was when Cirque ‘OvO’ performed at the Opening of the BAFTA’s inspired by “Shape of Water”, after watching it myself I can see why it was a sentimental moment for Catherine to remember.

Both magical and mystical, Cirque stories always have a way of putting your emotions to work. With their completely custom music score balanced by the amazing abilities of the acrobats in motion, paint the most amazing setting for your eyes to see and honestly this is what the performers love to do; they love to please YOU!

Cirque du Soleil ‘OvO’ will be here in Denver Sept 8-11 at the Ball Arena. Get your tickets while you still can and make sure to stay tuned for our coverage of Opening Night as well!

Tickets are available cirquedusoleil.com/ovo

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