Opening Night Cirque du Soleil OvO

Opening Night Cirque du Soleil OvO


The stage was set like nothing before, the lighting created such ambiance the viewer immediately felt submersed in the intimate feel the presentation brought to the stage. I could already tell that even though I’d previously seen ‘OvO’, this experience would be nothing like that time before. Ever evolving is something Cirque du Soleil prides itself on, being able to change and shift, growing ever so slightly to enhance the viewers’ experience; it’s such a beautiful thing to see.

I was not let down at all. Immediately before my eyes, I watched the stage transform, and almost as quickly I was taken away to the land of ‘OvO’. My eyes danced with all the colors displayed in front of me. The intensity of the performance quickly led to some laughter from the banter created between the on-stage performers and the crowd before them.

With the music creating the foundation for the story to take place, you see the egg in the opening scene which leads to an adventure only your wildest dreams could paint for you; you’ll have to look at our photos to see just what I mean. The close attention to detail from the smallest seams on each of the performers’ costumes, to the carefully applied makeup in perfect color coordination to bring the character to life. It’s nothing less than jaw-dropping. To then see this art in motion against the carefully skilled backdrops, strategic props, and amazing choreographed moves by these talented performers. I was mesmerized, and couldn’t take my eyes off the stage the whole evening long, I dropped my notebook and didn’t even notice, you couldn’t break me away. This is what the circus does for you, it places you in their storyline, to feel, to know exactly every word even though you don’t even speak the language. A true performing art speaks to you with no words at all and conveys thoughts within the music and movements allowing you to feel that true depth of the soul. Cirque du Soleil ‘OvO’ does exactly this. Simple yet moving.

I encourage you to watch any and all Cirque performances anytime they are in town, it’s something you have to feel for yourself, a true sensory is touched when witnessing this magic unfold in real life, just right before your eyes that just cannot be described with such words. All of the talented performers & their amazing acrobatic skills, such a high level of talent and skill on all levels, from the scene production to the cast of characters on stage, it takes a team and Cirque du Soleil does its best at making this happen.

You have many opportunities to catch this exciting show before it leaves Denver! Cirque du Soleil ‘OvO’ will be here at the Ball Arena September 8-11. You can get tickets by clicking this link below


I hope you are able to go enjoy the show!

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📷Curt Thompson


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Cirque du Soleil OvO