Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Showcase

Secrets In Lace
Burlesque originated in the Italian theatre as a comic interlude and has certainly evolved into more of a “main attraction” or “headliner”. Most burlesque shows have mastered the elements of sexy and svelte. The excitement tends to be what will the “twist” be. Will she have hoola hoops? Will she dance with fire? Is she a mistress of the bubble gum people? Creativity holds no bar for burlesque performers and this is what keeps the audience standing in line waiting for the next show.

Elvira, mistress of darkness, has often made her appearances at traveling burlesque shows. Most of us growing up in the 80’s could remember her image and recall the sense of confusion she may have caused for us as young children.

“She appears dark and scary but wow aren’t her nails just fabulous and perfect,” recalls one longtime fan as she reminisces on her childhood thoughts of the iconic Elvira.

What was suppose to be dark, underground and a bit Halloween; Elvira evolved into a season less goddess of the underworld in the most sustainable and sexy of ways.

Her career has spanned from singing (she was endorsed by Elvis) to acting and she has been the muse of multiple ad campaigns and branded goods. It is said that her character will retire soon (she is rumored to be 60ish years old after all) but her image will certainly live on forever.

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Enjoy the captures that our photographer was able to catch of Elvira and other burlesque creatives at a recent showcase. Each performance certainly tells a story and you can see that story come alive in these exclusive images of the following starlets:

ELVIRA @therealelvira

AUDREY DELUXE @audreydeluxe

ELLE DORADO @elledoradoburlyq

MADELINE SINCLAIRE @madelinesinclaire

MUSETTE @musettesmischief

KALANI KOKONUTS @kalanikokonuts

BUNNY GALORE @peepingbunny

ZELIA ROSE @zeliarose

MEDIANOCHE @_medianoche_

MICHELLE L’AMOUR @michellelamour

DIRTY MARTINI @dirtymartininyc

XPOSERMAGAZINE @xposermagazine

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Written By: Jessica Montour
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Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography