Tristan England Driver EarthShaker Monster Jam Interview

In 2018, I had the chance to interview Tristan England and Wow it was great to catch up! So much has changed for this rising young superstar. After we first spoke, Tristan was competing for the West Coast Championship and despite the odds, he and his team “EarthShaker” went on to win the 2018 west coast championship. They followed that up the following year in 2019 by winning the east coast championship as well. What a tremendous accomplishment for this young athlete!

In the Fall of 2018, Still residing in his home state of Texas; Triston met his soon-to-be wife Kierra and fell in love. The couple got married shortly after and in 2019 welcomed their son Karson Crash into the world. When Tristan recalls what it was like growing up, he realizes just how Wonderful it is to have a family, experiencing the same feelings with his own son. Life as they knew it had changed however as COVID impacted their ability to spend much rewarding time if traveling together for events. Due to strict regulations, what used to be a fun time for the whole family to enjoy, became quarantined; Kierra and Karson were no longer able to accompany Tristan backstage while on tour. He found it rewarding to be able to go to a show on the weekend but still come back home to catch big moments of Karsons life. Being even more grateful for moments when he can Facetime the family while on the road so as not to miss out on a single, precious step.

As with many other Americans, in 2020, the world was put on hold, we were in EarthShaker and trying to think of what to do in a sense of a future. ‘Everything was so uncertain when Monster Jam might be able to return, so I started to work on wind turbines. These are 320ft tall structures, and I would climb all the way to the top test components and replace parts.’ Tristan recants, ‘Luckily Monster Jam did reconvene and I could continue with EarthShaker since November.’ For a bit, the company was rotating drivers in hopes of expanding their potential audience, building a bigger fanbase. So in April of last year until November 2021, Tristan actually drove for another popular Monster Truck; Megladon.

Happy to be back and driving with Team EarthShaker, of the 4 competitions in this weekends events of Racing, Two Wheel Skills, Donuts and Freestyle, he is most exciting to showcase his talents in the Two Wheel Skills, with a keen focus on tricks, being smooth and consistent. Tristan says this part of the competition always pushes him to challenge himself. I can’t wait to see what he has in store!

As in line with true judging format, that is left to the fan filled audience to cast their vote via text, rating their opinion of each drivers performance either assisting or crippling their ability to win the competition, SO LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Opening night of Monster Jam will be this Friday Feb 11 and will go thru this Sunday Feb 13. Tickets are on sale now and affordable for the whole family starting at only $20 each!

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Tristan leaves us with one final message for his direct threat in this competition….

Im gunna dig Grave Diggers grave this weekend!”

I think its safe to say, this weekends event is going to be a fantastic one to watch so bring your family out to have some fun!

See you there!

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