Tartan Day

Tartan Day originally conceived as a day to celebrate Scotland’s cultural and historic contributions to the
world now invite all who have embraced the Tartan to join them in celebrating family, community, nation, heritage and the human need for connection.

This year, the two-day festival at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont, Colorado, was no exception…mother nature brought the authenticity with gray skies, threat of rain and a brisk cold wind. Men in their Kilts doing their best Marilyn Monroe
impressions and others bundled up against the weather while inviting one and all to celebrate the Celtic

Heritage and meet the Clans honoring their ancestors. There were performances by Colorado Youth Pipe
Band & Dancers, Historical Re-en actor and Music by Angus Mohr. Food, fun and frolic mixes beautifully with immersion learning. Everyone stopped by a clan tent to seek a bit of shelter and hear the stories of the past and still IF you didn’t watch out, you could find yourself covered in Fairy Dust!

Fool: noun: a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person
Hardy: adjective: robust; capable of ending difficult conditions
Foolhardy: adjective: recklessly bold or rash.
SEE: Scots and Irish

Written by John Root
Photos by John Root