Sawyer Brown performs at the Grizzly Rose

Sawyer Brown brought amazing energy to their show this past Friday night at the Grizzly Rose. Around for 37 years, they didn’t hesitate to bring all their show-stopping hits to the stage this fine night. Mark Miller was just as spring loaded and energetic as he was in the 80’s, jumping around as he sings on stage. His voice just as crisp as when they were first discovered some years ago.

If you have never heard of these guys, I would be very shocked to find out. They won the very first Star Search in 1983, a forerunner to shows like American Idol and The Voice. This award winning group has always brought an exciting performance anytime they play to a crowd.  Being well known in the industry for great crowd involvement, they didn’t let the people down tonight either. Playing some of their classics such as “Step That Step and Leona”, they got the crowd dancing and moving along within the first moments of them taking the stage. Wrapping up the night with “The Walk” and their signature song “Some Girls Do”, the fans went wild and the boys tore it up too, taking control of the dance floor, showcasing some of their best moves.

Being a dual showcase format, Ray Scott takes the stage and boy was I impressed by his deep, smooth voice in person. Ray takes pride in being an independent artist and voices that well from the stage. Letting everyone know he gets to do “Whatever the hell he wants to do” and brilliantly lets the crowd know just how far that’s taken him!  Playing some of his bigger hits like “Ain’t Always Thirsty” and “Gone Either Way” he wraps it up with “Those Jeans” followed by the question “How did you get in those jeans and baby, how do I?” Of course the ladies go wild over this and he leaves the stage capping the night.

After Sawyer Brown’s Encore, Ray came out to sign autographs and shake hands at the meet & greet. Everyone was so down to earth and the Grizzly Rose provided the most amazing venue for this evening’s event. The closeness you felt when the performers were on stage made it feel as though they were playing for my very own private party! What a treat it was to experience and I would highly recommend others to see a show here.

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Article / Photos by Melissa Polk


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