Riot Fest 2016 Denver

Riot Fest

Friday afternoon Riot Fest starts with a bang, Donna Missal set off the show and the weekend’s festivities begin! For the second year in a row, Riot Fest sets up on the National Western Stock Show fairgrounds here in Denver. With a full lineup including heavy hitters such as Suicidal Tendencies, Lagwagon, Thursday, NOFX, Death Cab for Cutie, Deftones and Jane’s Addiction; Friday night was one you would not forget.

The two huge performances of the night were from Jane’s Addiction who played “Ritual de lo Habitual” in its entirety and even had live suspension artists suspending themselves from the top rafters of the stage!

Deftones played a killer set including “Change” and “My Own Summer”, two of their biggest hits however they played on opposite sides of the field but at the same time as Jane’s Addiction. This proved to be both difficult for fans of the bands as well as members of other bands to be able to see the two acts perform. Many were complaining about the poor scheduling and their inability to watch a full set because they had to split their time, also complaining that they spent their money just to have to miss an awesome band.

Saturday the gates opened at noon, the day begins to pick up as Against Me! takes the stage. Laura sets the tone for the set and the crowd sings along. Looking fabulous as always, the band finishes on a high note and Billy Talent takes to the Rock Stage to perform. With his enthusiastic ways, he captivates the crowd and soon everyone is dancing along to his happy beats.

The night wraps up with performances by Sleater-Kinney, Glassjaw, Ween and Underoath. Let me tell you, it was fun to get mistaken for Carrie Brownstein while walking through the crowd, sad to let the guy down when I told him I was not her.

Upon leaving I give a nice big stretch and think about how wonderful Sunday will be.

With coffee and breakfast under my belt, I head out to enjoy the final day of Riot Fest. I got there just in time to see Hatebreed just beginning their set. Playing some old favorites mixed in with the new, the circle pit got larger and larger as they played some of their bigger hits. Jamey Jasta lets the crowd know he is torn between seeing the (original) Misfits play, or to go watch Nas. Once again proving what others were complaining about on the opening day of the festival. The Riot Stage had most of the crowd appeal for Sunday.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes were up next with Fat Mike of NOFX giving the other cover band on tour; Chevy Metal, a very hard time.  Always the crowd pleasers, Me First stole the show with their stage presence and amazing sound, playing a set of their “exclusive” covers, they seem to get the crowd dancing along like no other band on the tour!

Bad Religion followed proving to be the perfect “opener” for the Misfits. Greg Graffin crooned out their hits and the crowd was pumped with excitement. Chanting along word for word as they moshed along to the beat. Leading into the biggest event of the tour. A performance by the original members of the Misfits. Something that has not been witnessed in 30 years. If you were able to make it out to see this show, then you were able to become a part of history. Getting to see what most people have never and will never get to see in their lifetime. The lights, the sound and energy were all on point to make this one of the most amazing experiences you could ever have at a festival. A once in a lifetime experience brought to you by Riot Fest. If they pulled this off this year, how many of you are excited to see what they are able to bring to you next year?!!

Thanks for tuning in. My final words would be to the people that put on Riot Fest, listen to your fans and your performers. Help make this the most memorable experience ever for them and they will in return love you for that.


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