Kick off to Riot Fest Weekend

With tonight marking the official kick off to the Riot Fest weekend, Bowman’s Vinyl & Lounge  was a packed house. Showcasing an all star lineup for the night, Chris Fogal (The Gamits) opened for the sold out event. Easily coaxing us into the night with his acoustic set, Chris engaged the audiance with an enphatic energy. After crooning out some powerhouse hits, his wife joins him on stage for a sweet duet, it’s when he candidly announces to the crowd that she is pregnant…. And it is his!!! The crowd is thrilled and the show goes on leading into a segway to cap the night. Upon closing his set, we find that Chris can crank out some wicked Metallica on the acoustic so make sure to ask him the next time you see him, to play you something from “Master of Puppets”!

After a brief intermission Joey Cape takes center stage with Brian Wahlstrom backing him on keyboards.  Opening his set with “I Must be Hateful” and leading into a song dedicated to Tony Sly, the music begins to captivate you and pull you into the story. Feeling the energy, the crowd begins to sing and sway along. The room packed to the brim, Joey orders a Jameson and has a sip, chatting it up with people gathered around. Just a normal guy… with the ability to create like few in this industry.
With an intimate environment that only Bowman’s can give, the night felt more like you happened to be “with the band” instead of just watching them and coupled with Chris and Joey’s interaction, I’m sure the crowd felt the same way!

Riot Fest will be taking place all this weekend at the National Western Stock Show. Joey will also be performing with Lagwagon and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes at Riot Fest so make sure to go check him out there as well!!

Special thanks to Bowman’s Vinyl and Lounge for extending to us this exclusive media coverage of this event.


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