(REVIEW) Disney on Ice came back to Denver

Once again Disney on Ice has come back to Denver to delight our senses. Recreating visions from our memories and transposing them onto the ice in a magnificent work of art.  You are instantly transformed to when you were a child while watching the performance take place. I was often in awe as the dancers glide effortlessly over the ice, flowing along with the music in perfect synchrony, giving me goosebumps. You wouldn’t expect these performances to have the ability to move you in such a way but bringing a story to life can really change the way you see it in general. I personally remember singing and dancing along to all the Disney songs when I was a little girl, No matter how many years I age, I will still feel like I’m 9 years old when I hear some of those songs.

Tonight’s performance was another amazing set with scenes from the movie Toy Story opening the show and showcasing a stellar set of cast from the movie. Often at moments I was wiping away the tears as I could remember the key moments from the movie being played out before my eyes, make it a little more real for me. I could remember having to give away my toys when I was growing up and growing out of them. I’ve found Disney has a way of not only speaking to the children, but to the parents as well.  

Toy Story was followed up by scenes from The Little Mermaid, which was another exciting one to see, the costumes were insane with how much effort went into their creation. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some modern day fashion copying some of these more detailed aspects of their clothing. I mean, Ariel’s fish scale bottoms would appeal to so many of the Disney fans!

Cars opened up the show after intermission and I was blown away by how they could drive so well on the ice! Of course the more fun aspect was the ability to do doughnuts effortlessly while carefully avoiding any contact with the other drivers out on the ice.

Frozen closed out the show with beautiful costumes and amazing musical performances. Singing the hit “Let it Go” of course one of the main crowd favs, snow drifted down from the rafters along with small controlled fireworks to add just that extra element to the show. Definitely one of my favorite performances to catch on the Disney on Ice tour. I just love the amount of detail that goes into their show, costumes and presentation.

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