Interview Phoebe Schneider Disney on Ice Skater

At the young age of only 23 years old, Phoebe has set her mind to achieving her dreams … and nothing has been able to stop her yet! Phoebe began skating at the age of 3. Born to parents whom not only loved to skate themselves, but happened to be coaches in the sport lending the perfect environment to nurture a star. Growing up in Lone Tree, Co, Phoebe grew up taking lessons at the South Suburban Ice Arena located in Littleton, Co where her parents coached. She maintained focus on ice skating until the middle of high school when she decided she wanted to enter into a  competitive sport that was also more of a team sport, that’s when Phoebe chose to participate in cross country running. Seems like a big change from the norm but her conditioning from the rink greatly assisted with her abilities to pace herself nicely with track. Phoebe focused on cross country through college but as she was approaching her graduation date, she realized just how much she missed the ice and decided to audition for a role in Disney on Ice. Some of her favorite memories growing up were from her performances on the ice, she had 16 shows with “Showtime on Ice”, something she devoted much of herself to in high school alongside of the Sun Valley Pro Skater Seminar which she had the opportunity to attend on multiple occasions. This was a passion for Phoebe, a love for her since she was small and she was excited to make her return to the ice!

After finding out through the grapevine that Disney was casting for their next round of performers with Disney on Ice, Phoebe was certain to apply and was chosen to be part of the ensemble cast. Having the chance to skate in many different scenes is something that Phoebe absolutely loves. “To see the crowd and the excitement on their faces, makes me extremely happy”. I could only imagine just how much happiness she does feel from that. You can see Phoebe as one of the green army soldiers during the Toy Story scene, as a seahorse during a Little Mermaid scene and as a villager from Arendelle during a scene from the movie Frozen.

Outside of being so talented on the ice, Phoebe showcases a world of talent in the classroom as well, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business management & psychology in hopes of eventually pursuing a law school degree. But for now, Phoebe is content with traveling the country and dancing the night away.. Night after night for each new crowd. For now, this is her passion, it always has been and most likely always will be.

Make sure you grab your tickets now! Disney on Ice will be making its way to Colorado Springs March 21-24th, Loveland March 28-31st & Denver April 4-7th! Click on the link below to get your tickets for any of the above listed dates.

Disney on Ice tickets-Colorado

If you’re interested in taking lessons from Phoebe’s parents, reach out to either Amy or Billy Schneider at South Suburban Ice Arena and see how much fun you can have! Fun fact, Amy used to skate for Disney on Ice as well so you’d be learning from a superstar!! Click on the link below to be taken to their website.

South Suburban Ice Arena

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