PHOTOS: Ninja Nation Tour

This past Saturday night at the First Bank Center in Broomfield, The Ninja Nation Tour rocked the evening with gritty EDM. The turnout was phenomenal! As you look around the arena, there was hardly a bare space to be seen amongst the crowd. Everyone dancing along to the electronic sounds that were pumping out of the megawatt subwoofers lining the stage. With Shaolin Bass by the infamous PK Sound, everyone was sure to feel the music pumping through their veins. This particular night, the crowd got down to the sounds of Riot Ten, Space Jesus, Cookie Monsta, Datsik and many others. Each of the artists had their own distinct sound with smooth transitions throughout the music.

Riot Ten had more of that gangsta feel, meshing such artists as Wakka Flaka alongside his trap beats. His stage lighting and prowess spoke exactly that, a good old dirty feel. I thoroughly enjoyed his transitions between incorporating anything from rap to rock into his music, which provided the best switch up to dance to.

Space Jesus operates on the lower frequencies. Slowing things down and quick with the chaos pads. A space-like aspect with the interesting sounds they produce but the overall feel leaves you in a trance while the music surrounds you and pulls you in.

Cookie Monsta was another solid hit. Providing some of the best drops in my opinion, Tony Cook commands the crowd with his insane capabilities of producing just the right amount of grime to keep you moving with the music. From his podium, the screens and lights gave the perfect visual to the sounds you were hearing.

Capping off the night was Datsik. The last one to slay the stage and that is exactly what he did in perfect dubstep format. Slowing it down with quick drops had everyone moving till the end of the night. The crowd pumped along with his songs, their bodies never stopped moving until the last chord was struck and the stage went black.

What an epic night. I had been anticipating this tour and it did not disappoint at all. Each artist brought their own style to the stage and kept us all groovin the whole night through. If you get a chance to check out this tour on its remaining leg click here to find out where they will be playing next!

If you have never had the chance to experience these artists songs, check out the links below to see what you have been missing.


Cookie Monsta

Space Jesus

Riot Ten

Thanks for the read, hope to see you at a show soon!



Photos by Teddy G / Xposer Photography